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    Tamimi Markets Weekly Offers – 3 To 9 Aug 2017


    Tamimi Supermarket – a place known for best quality with huge number of products including national as well as international, a place that provide you discounts and let you save your money.

    You can purchase anything listing from groceries, home appliances, electronics, clothing, gadgets, dairy products, gym products, and other huge variety of products at the most affordable prices ever.

    They have an enormous variation in branded products, which customers can think of and they have it here at Tamimi.


    Furthermore, the Tamini is successful for not only providing their customers generous choices of products, nonetheless their products are great quality along with amazingly low price.

    Tamimi supermarkets chain provides their customers numerous discounts that bring the prices extremely low.

    This irresistible weekly promotion starts from Aug 3, 2017 and valid till Aug 9, 2017


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    Panda Supermarket Weekly Promotion – 3 to 9 Aug 2017

    Panda Supermarket is an astonishing and surprisingly huge market that offers one of the preeminent services all over the Saudi Arabia for whatever you need on whether on daily basis or occasionally. This remarkable huge supermarket has everything that one can imagine. The hundreds of excellent quality national and international products will make you feel just Wow!


    The Panda also give striking as well as triumph promotional discounts offer from which most of them are weekly so that you can get things on weekly basis some of them are daily besides rest of them on special occasions. These remarkable deals comprise tons of high quality products that you can purchase at precisely low price.

    Panda Supermarket Weekly Promotion -  3 to 9 Aug 2017


    This low price and remarkable deal has so much to offer such as jewelry, electronics, chocolates and groceries plus high premium products from famous brands. Grab it and enjoy.

    This deal starts in Aug 3, 2017 and works till Aug 9, 2017

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    Othaim Supermarkets Low price offer – July 26 to August 9

    Othaim supermarkets are one of the well-known and most trustworthy supermarkets you will find in Saudi Arabia. Here, at this amazing place you can purchase factually like anything at most sound price ever. Othaim supermarket is the other name of premium quality and reliability.

    At Othaim you can have thousands of renowned trustworthy brands’ great quality products at most reasonable price. There are thousands of products offered on discount every week.


    This week promotion is one of the best as well as most reasonable promotions offered by Othaim markets. The promotion includes products like groceries, fruits, meats, chocolates and much more in much discounted price. You can take benefit of this promotion right now.

    “The Deal Starts from July 26, 2017 to Aug 9, 2017”

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    Al Raya Supermarket Weekly Promotions – 3 To 9 Aug 2017

    Al Raya supermarket is the finest market of all to purchase your regular groceries since it is one of the best places in Saudi Arabia from where everyone can find everything; they have a huge product list. Al Raya is the name of quality and assurance biggest in addition to most dependable supermarkets.

    AlRaya provides countless promotional discounts offer at weekly basis and occasionally. Through this you can save big amount of money as well as get any products in less prices without compromising the quality.


    Al Raya Supermarket Weekly Promotions


    Alraya’s this week discount deal has numerous diverse branded products at low rates that make the buy price even more cheaper.

    Offer valid Aug 3, 2017   to Aug 9, 2017

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    Farm Superstores Weekly Promotions – 3 To 9 Aug 2017

    If you live in Saudi Arabia, you must have heard people saying that Farm Superstore is Saudi Arabia’s first and the best superstore of all time. It is safe to say that Farm Superstore is the most successful as well as leading Super markets in the trading and retailing industry of KSA.

    This Superstore provides the best of the best products import from all over the world, which are not only Halal certified but also very premium quality.

    The Supermarket is positively working as well as handling forty-seven supermarkets successfully at diverse places and cities in Saudi Arabia.


    FARM markets also provide numerous promotions that give you discounted price products as well as the assorted great quality products.

    “This discount deal is valid from Aug 3, 2017 and will end on Aug 9, 2017”


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    LuLu Hypermarket Jeddah Promotions – 3 To 12 Aug 2017

    LuLu Hypermarket is one of the finest superstores from where you can get everything you want from whether it is groceries or the electronics and expensive gadgets. It is one of the biggest hypermarket stores that work internationally in many countries to provide their upper most services and products.

    The operation and functions of LuLu Hypermarket carry out in Saudi Arabia and all the cities of KSA with zest and Zeal and customers love to purchase from this reliable super store for the reason that it delivers an inordinate service as well as tons of premium quality products at most sensible price.

    In this deal you can spend 50 and get 50 for free.



    LuLu provides countless promotional deals weekly and special offers that include outstanding products starting from daily basis products to gadgets, living and bedroom decoration, clothing and kitchen appliances etc.

    This promotional deal starts Aug 3, 2017 and valid till Aug 12, 2017

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    LuLu Hypermarket Promotion – 26 July to 12 Aug 2017

    LuLu Hypermarket is one of the unsurpassed superstores from where you can get everything you need and want from daily groceries to electronics and gadgets to clothes.


    It is one of the major hypermarket stores that work globally in many countries.
    The operations of LuLu Hypermarket carry out in Saudi Arabia with passion and energy and customers love to purchase from the super store since it offers a huge service as well as tons of first-rate products in most reasonable price.

    LuLu offers a lot of promotional deals that comprise outstanding products starting from daily basis products to kitchen appliances and electronics etc.

    This promotional deal starts in Jul 26, 2017 valid till Aug 12, 2017. Get the discount now before it gets end.

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    Panda Weekly Promotions – 27 July to 2 Aug 2017

    Panda is an astonishing superstore offers one of the most excellent services around Saudi Arabia for everything you need on daily basis, be it electronics or groceries.
    Panda Weekly Promotions


    This remarkable superstore has the whole lot you can imagine of. The thousands of high-class products in low prices will make you say wow.

    They provide great offers every week. This deal is one of those deals that include groceries, electronics, chocolates, clothes, jewelry and many more high quality and high premium brands products. So go grab it before it’s too late because it gives great discounts.

    This Deal Starts Jul 27, 2017,  and valid till Aug 2, 2017

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    LuLu Hypermarket Weekly Offers – 12 To 18 July 2017

    Lulu Hypermarket Saudi Arabia has made its debut in Saudi Arabia about 8 year ago. LuLu stores can ebe find different big cities Saudi Arabia that includes Khobar, Riyadh, Jubail and Dammam.

    Lulu Hypermarket is offering huge discount deals almost all of the products in the store and named the promotion “Look Good Feel Good”.

    LuLu Hypermarket Weekly Promotion, Offers in Jeddah, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


    People of KSA are gone crazy for the latest promotions of Hyper Panda Saudi Arabia. Hyper Panda has announced gigantic cut rates on all of their products counting food items, electronic gadget, yes everything.

    This Look Good Feel Good offer by Hyper Panda is tremendously helpful for the citizen to save money.

    The deal starts from Jul 12, 2017 ends on Jul 18, 2017

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    Farm Superstores Weekly Promotions – 13 To 19 July 2017

    Farm Superstore brings you the best saving offers with quality of products along with all the Halal ingredients at the most possible reasonable prices. This saving offer is best to buy monthly groceries and other electronic stuff.

    Farm superstore gives the best promotional deals to their consumers from diverse areas. The promotional offers include crockery, kitchen appliances, meat, and bakery items, in addition to groceries.

    Farm Superstores Weekly Promotions - 13 To 19 July 2017


    This week promotion is another eye-catching as well as surprising deal offered by the store that includes a lot of products on exclusively less price. Products include Meat, Groceries, ready made pizza, cakes and other bakery items, soda drinks, clothing, chocolates in addition to toffees, hair products, blankets, kitchen appliances, shoes and what not.

    The Deals starts from Jul 13, 2017 and valid till Jul 19, 2017

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    Alraya Supermarket Weekly Promotions – 6 to 12 July 2017

    Al Raya is the name of quality with quantity because it is one of the biggest stores that have amazing and high-quality products in a huge quantity. You can find any product in this store. It has a motive to give all the products under one roof.  Al Raya superstores offer many promotions every week.

    This amazing weekly promotion is all you need this week to make your whole week awesome. Due to this promotion, you can save a lot of your money because this promotion comes with a huge amount of discounts on many products.

    Alraya Supermarket Weekly Promotions - 6 to 12 July 2017


    Discounts include bakery products, dairy products, groceries, chocolates and fresh fruits, meat; electronic products also have a huge discount so it is a high time to buy your gadget from the store. This promotion is weekly so it will valid till the stock lasts.

    The promotion starts from Jul 6, 2017 and valid till Jul 12, 2017

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    Tamimi Supermarket Weekly Promotion – 6 to 12 July 2017

    Tamimi supermarkets are one of the best places from where you can purchase all kind of products under one roof best part is you do not need to go anywhere else to buy other things. Tamimi is known for its best products in addition to high quality.

    Tamimi also offers amazing promotion weekly that let the customer customers to save a lot of money and purchase more things for much less price. Weekly offers are best way to shop as well as also save money at the same time. You can find a lot of weekly offers every week on the website of Tamimi or just visit the store. This offer which I am going to tell right here is valid till this week is quite amazing.


    Tamimi provide the super promotional deals to all its customers around Riyadh, Al Qassim, Jeddah, Ar Rass, Dammam, Khobar, Dhahran, Jubail, and Al-Hasa. The deal has almost everything including beef, meat, groceries such as rice, flour. Other things include electronics and kitchen appliances.

    The Deal starts from Jul 6, 2017 and valid till Jul 12, 2017

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