Abdul Latif Jameel Used Cars for Sale in Jeddah 2017


If you are looking for a used car to purchase in Saudi Arabia (specifically in Jeddah) then you may have so many options. You can visit in the market and physical see the cars from a showroom who sale and purchase used car.


Although, you can purchased a “used car in Saudi Arabia” through classified ads. But getting an ideal price could be difficult because people who sell used cars always has a very high margin of their profit due to which the price of car has been increased automatically.



“Abdul Latif Jameel” is a well known name in Saudi Arabia who are operating from Jeddah and sell used cars in reasonable prices. Yes, they do have margin of their own profit in the price of used car but they are company so that their margin is not high as the individual selling their used cars in Saudi Arabia.

Abdul Latif Jameel Finance Solution to Purchase Car

The best things about Abdul Latif Jameel is that you do not need to have money in lump sum amount to purchase the car because they also offer financing solution to the people who are in need to car but do not have enough money to purchase. You can own a car through Abdul Latif Jameel by taking advantage of their financing solution

You can lease a car with extended warranty through Abdul Latif Jameel. This means that you will become owner of car as soon as you paid the full amount of lease. check also : How to Renew Driving License Manually in Saudi Arabia

Abdul Latif Jameel Car Maintenance in Jeddah

Abdul Latif Jameel is also famous in Jeddah Saudi Arabia because of their high class services. Yes, they do not just purchase and “sell used cars” to their clients, but they conduct full inspection and maintain the car with high standards because they list them for sale. This guaranteed that their client will receive only a car with full maintenance and high standards. See also : How to Transfer Car Ownership in Saudi Arabia

Cars available for sale on Abdul Latif Jameel

Abdul Latif Jameel are not limited to specific type of cars in Saudi Arabia but you can purchase used car from any brand and company which includes Toyota, Lexus, Hyundai, Nisaan, Chevrolet, Mazda, Kia, Jeeps, Dodge, GMC, Honda, Ford and Volkswagens etc.

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