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Saudi Buzz (SaudiBuzz.com) is a multipurpose web portal which is designed and developed with latest content to provide important and useful information about activities happening in Saudi Arabia. While the tourism, events, Promotions & Offers, latest news, photos and travel to Saudi Arabia is one of the most covered part of SaudiBuzz.com but still this portal is designed to provide enough useful information about number of different departments too which includes problems related to car and driving in Saudi Arabia, Hajj and Umrah guide for Saudi citizens, issues related to Iqama and latest news from Saudi Arabia which could not be ignored by the Saudi citizens.The main categorize of SaudiBuzz.com includes:

Visa Guide to Saudi Arabia: This section will cover with all of your questions related to visa and citizenship in Saudi Arabia including guideline how to get family permit for KSA and what type of issues and papers you need to have for these related issues.

Hajj and Umrah guide: This section is dedicated for the Saudi citizens and residents to help them to know all the issues related to Hajj and Umrah and new rules regarding to them. We have aim to help Saudis with Hajj and Umrah related issues and problems.

Iqama guide for KSA: In Saudi Arabia, Iqama is used for most of general and legal issues. This section is dedicated to help you to get Iqama and solve all related issues including when and where you need to have your Iqama to get your work done in KSA.

Travel and Tourism: This section is specially designed to provide you information about latest happening and events in Saudi Arabia including complete travel guide with latest pictures of Saudi Arabia to help you to find your next destination in Saudi Arabia.

News: We aimed to cover not every single news about Saudi Arabia but only interesting and those which you want to read and much more.

So, bookmark SaudiBuzz.com right now and keep checking out website for latest happening in Saudi Arabia.

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