Al Baik (البيك) New Logo Design do you see New Look !


If you are living in Saudi Arabia and food lover like me then you don’t need any introduction of popular chain of fast food restaurants in Saudi Arabia called Al Baik (البيك). There are 51 restaurants of Al Baik is working in different cities and locations of Saudi Arabia and all of them are equally famous because of high quality of taste. Their products like friend chicken, ships and fish makes them unique from other popular brands doing business in Saudi Arabia like KFC and MacDonald’s etc.




The eye catching logo of Al Baik (البيك) which contains the illustration of chicken is enough to recognize them in crowd. Recently the company has changed their logo design. Yes, the new logo design of Al Baik (البيك) can be seen already on many of their restaurants which does not have the chicken illustration any more but you can see the hat in “Al Baik new logo design” along with the chicken’s hand.

Al Baik (البيك) new logo design has removed the Arabic part of the logo, this is because their customers already well aware with their business color scheme and can recognize their logo even with the English texts only. In Al Baik (البيك) new logo design, the font of text has been also changed to a new one. Following we are sharing the both the new and old Al Baik logo design.


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