Al Murjan Beach & Resort Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Al Murjan beach & resort in Jeddah. It is one of the captivating beaches and resorts so far and almost each of the single and an individual traveler is craving to have a visit of this beach and resort.


Yes, The kingdom of Saudi Arabia is not at all that much famous and popular because of its beach and resorts but this Al Murjan beach & resort will capture your attention for sure.

Its address is North Obhur Road, Jeddah 21531, Saudi Arabia so if at any time, you happen to have this chance to take a tour to this Jeddah city then do not miss out checking out this place of Al Murjan beach & resort.



Why should You Visit This Beach?

  • You should visit Al Murjan beach & resort atleast for once and single time because it is a good and a suggested place for kids, it is a recommended place where you can enjoy your family time.
  • This beach is all encompassed with the villas, children play area and place where you can sit and relax and see your kids enjoying.Hurry up and do not lose this chance to check out the scenic view of this Al Murjan beach & resort. Enjoy the vacation of yours by planning your tour at this beach.
  • Yes, it is perfect and happy go family getaway! And it is a best and top most one scenic sort of Family Beach Resort so we are sure that none of us wants to miss this golden chance ever and ever.
  • If you want to enjoy and praise the beauty and magic of the Red Sea then you can do that by visiting this beach.
  • You can buy multiple in number of Cobones for yourself. Recommand : Coral Beach Jeddah – Best Saudi Arabia Beach Resorts

Highlights of Al Murjan Beach Resort

Below are the main and much exciting highlights of this “Al Murjan Beach Resort”, you will love this resort. It has that cool and a much tempting looking ambiance. This resort and beach area is a perfect spot for your family, your kids and your wife will adore and admire this beach spot a lot. Check out the main and promising one highlights of this resort: similar : Reem Riviera Beach Resort – Beach in Jeddah for Foreigners

  • Yes, we can say it with so much assiduity that this beach all famous and quite popular with the name of Al Murjan Beach Resort located in Jeddah is one of the ideal and best one resorts for families.
  • By entering in this beach and by becoming the part of this resort, you will enter into the world of massive sunshine. You will get to see Sea pursuits here.
  • If you and your family wants to enjoy some light-hearted kind of fun then this is the place for you! You should discover this Al Murjan Beach Resort because this resort and beach should be explored and discovered in any condition.
  • This beach can give you the best and amazing looking scenic view for your Family. This resort and exotic looking beach is right away located at the perfect and striking location in North Obhur, Jeddah.
  • By being at this beach, you can also catch the magical viewing of the Red Sea which is spread across about 60,000 square meters. You can also get to see the view of these private villas. It is the time to relax and get a weekend retreat and this beach can give you a perfect treat.

Al Murjan beach & resort- Do visit this Resort

It is a special and one of the fascinating looking beaches and resorts so far. If you want t admire beauty and really want to take yourself out from the desert area from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia then this Al Murjan beach & resort should be visited by you. This beach can give you an extensive in range of entertainment if you spend even little amount of money.

All the families out there, all the loving couples and all cute and adorable looking kids out there, this beach is all waiting for you. If you are tired from the scorching and intensive heat of sun, if you are tired from the desert environment and ambiance of this Kingdom then this Al Murjan beach & resort located and situated in Jeddah is all waiting for your footsteps and ready to welcome you. also like : Durrah Beach Resort Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Al Murjan Beach & Resort Jeddah Photos


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Address of Al Murjan beach & resort and Google Map

Its address is North Obhur Road, Jeddah 21531, Saudi Arabia. If you want to have a beach time with your friends, if you want to have a resort time with your family mates then this is the beach and perfect resort for you. Enjoy the beach time over here and then relax at its resort areas and places.

Phone: +966-2-656 0666

Facebook Page

Al Murjan Beach & Resort Amazing Place in Jeddah

If you are a beach lover and want to spend some of your busy schedule time in some resort area then this subjected beach resort should too be shortlisted by you. It is a magical beach, it is a fascinating resort and its ambiance and service will always come on your expectations.

Visit and check out this Al Murjan beach & resort and do share your memories and experiences with us. Take pictures with your family, enjoy this place, enjoy this gathering time and share your feedback that how much you like this beach resort. If we will come across and get to know more about the Jeddah resorts and beaches then we will also update you. Right now, you have to make a check list of yours and mark all the beaches which you have visited so far and do also mark this Al Murjan beach. See Also : Silver Sands Beach Jeddah – Everything You Need to Know

Get a real beach feeling by being the part of this beach. You will love and remember each and every spend time of yours on this beach. Check also : Best Private Beach & Resorts in Jeddah for Expats

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