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Al-Sadhan superstore Weekly Offer – Starts from 11 Jan to 17 Jan 2017

Best offers & Deals or Weekly Promotions in Riyadh, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Al-Sadhan superstore is one of the many high quality and wonderful superstore internationally specifically in Saudi Arabia. The superstore is very much famous for the premium and fast service for their customers around the world and Saudi Arabia.


Over the years of hard work and continuous devotion to providing the best quality products to the customers earn Al-Sadhan a special place in customers’ heart. And now customers see the superstore as an example of excellence.

 In the history of superstores, Al-Sadhan shines the brightest because Al-Sadhan not only provides quality products but also a variety of products under one roof with discounted price through promotion deals. There are many promotional deals Al-Sadhan offers to its customers.



This week promotion is another stunning and astonishing promotion offered by the store that includes many products on exclusively low price. Products include Meat, Groceries, readymade pizza, cakes and other bakery items, soda drinks, chocolates and toffees, hair products, clothing, blankets, kitchen appliances, shoes and much more. So what are you waiting for? Take hold of this promotion since it’s going to be end soon. 

“The promotion starts on from 11 January 2017 till 17 January 2017”

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