Albilad Beach Resort Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – Best and Affordable Hotel


If you are planning to make a visit to this “Albilad beach resort Jeddah” then you are sure making one of the best decisions in your life. Yes it is an exciting looking beach and a resort and all of you will have a fun time and too the best time of your life in this resort. You should visit this most entertaining place in Jeddah.


It is the most calm place and one of the pleasant looking beaches and resorts by far in Jeddah. Here, you will know more and more about the informative facts and information about this beach and resort. If you are planning its tour then you should be having a handful amount of information about this resort. You should have the information about its address and its services and recreational and entertainment services which they offered!

Albilad Beach Resort Jeddah, Saudi Arabia - Best and Affordable


Albilad Beach Resort Jeddah

So, let us all get to know all about the exciting details and information related to this beach. Just mark this resort area right in your check list and have a party time and fun time with your friends. It is a best place and will give you the best time. Once you visit and check out this beach resort, give us your valuable comments and do tell your friends and buddies too that they also have to check out this beach resort.

All About Albilad beach resort Jeddah

Its address is Al-Corniche Highway, Jeddah 21452, Saudi Arabia. If you want to carry out a business trip, if you want to have a relaxed kind of atmosphere, if you want to carry out a holiday making then this beach and resort is all here for you. For the information, this beach and resort is one of the most renowned and populat business resorts so far in the city of Jeddah. It is the best and most suggested destination for the business people.

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Why should You Visit Albilad beach resort Jeddah?

This beach resort is all covered with the fabulous and most wonderful looking tropical gardens. It is one of the enthralling areas and you should not miss it out. If you want to stroll right in the lawns, if you want to relaxing, if you want to get the view of the setting sun, if you want to have late evening walk with your partner then this beach is here. We are sure that you will have an unforgettable experience of your life by visiting this resort.

This beach and rest of the resort is covered and encompassed with an oasis and massive amount of hospitality. To know about the location, we can let you know that this resort is right situated by the Red Sea. It is half way right between the airport and also in the city center. It is one of the eye catching beaches and resort and this resort is so much installed and embedded with ultra modern kind of facilities. You will get a serene feeling once you will enter into this resort. It can give you the most soothing atmosphere and experience.

Albilad beach resort Jeddah is The Best Resort

  • You should visit this resort because you should check out its tropical sort of garden oasis. As this beach and resort has been facing the Red Sea and it is right on the posh Corniche, so you will also get the views of both of these areas. This resort is for the business minded people, for the information, this resort is also just 15 minutes away from this international airport and it is too 20 minutes away right from this old downtown Jeddah.
  • You will get massive amount of traditional hospitality from this resort. You will love the casual atmosphere of this resort. The give and offer first class and best of the facilities to their guests. This resort has its own Health Club and also tropical gardens.
  • They have 153 rooms and all of the rooms are located and situated right in the main building. This resort has these 39 garden bungalows. They have a private terrace, you can sit at their balcony. If you want to have the Western delights, if you want to feel the Eastern home kind of comforts then this resort can give you all of that!

Other Special services of Albilad beach resort Jeddah

  • This resort can give you the best of the possible services. They have this wide range and massive amount of dining facilities to be given to their guests. You should try and check out their Al Maha Restaurant. This hotel can give the highest quality kind of seafood specialties. If you want to carry out and organize a business lunch, if you are out for a business dinner then this restaurant should be tried out by you.
  • You should also visit the Falcon Café’s hotel of this resort, they have this international menu. You will love their refurbished Terrace and also their theme nights. Do not miss out their the most famous Thursday night, it is their Barbecue night and you will too love their open waterfall which will be on their terrace. You should not miss their Friday brunch. This brunch comes with the best combination and taste of breakfast and too lunch.
  • You should too not overlook this Albilad Wedding Hall, it is at the seaside and this hall can actually accommodate and have the seating capacity of 350 guests. You should try this open Albilad Palace, this palace has the capacity of about 500 guests. This Albilad beach resort Jeddah has other small in size halls as well and their names are Jasmine hall and the other name is Tulip hall, these halls can accommodate about 100 to 70 guests.
  • If we talk about the other one facilities and also services provided and offered by this Albilad beach resort Jeddah then they are business center hubs, it can give you the service of car rental. You can visit its bookshop and also barbershop. All of their food items and menu list items are low calorie food.

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Albilad Beach Resort Address, Google Map

Address: Al-Corniche Highway, Jeddah 21452
Phone: 012 694 4777

Toll Free : 800 244 0066

Al Bilad Hotel Website :



So, this is all about the Albilad beach resort Jeddah. This Jeddah city is so much encompassed with the delightful looking beaches and resorts. Once you will start checking out this beaches and resorts one by one, you will like them a lot and a start loving them a lot. For right now, you have to plan a trip of yours and visit this beach. If you want to make your kids happy, if you want to enjoy couple and partner time of yours, if you want to have friends gathering then this beach is perfect and the right combination for all of you. Stay tuned and in touch with us because more of the beaches and resorts which are located in Jeddah city, their details and further information will be shared with you. Visit this exciting and take out that boredom from your lives and bring an element of excitement in your lives.

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