Atallah Happy Land Park – Place for childrens Entertainment in Jeddah


If you are living in Jeddah and have not visited “Atallah Happy Land Park” then you are very unlucky. Families from all over the country comes to Atallah for enjoyment. Today we will give you a brief introduction on Atallah Happy Land Park. We hope our blog will inspire you and you will visit Atallah Happy Land Park soon with your family or friends. Atallah Happy Land Park has both air-conditioned indoor and outdoor attractions.


Atallah Happy Land Park is the member of International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions which makes it very safe place of enjoyment for your kids. see also : 10 Top Guinness World Records in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Atallah Happy Land Park - Place for childrens Entertainment in Jeddah


It has been build by certified and professional engineers so you don’t have to worry about material used for its construction. There are three different sections in Atallah Happy Land Park.

  1. Thrills
  2. Family Enjoyment
  3. Kids fun

It has also an “ice skating activity in Jeddah”. Many people comes here just for ice skating because you it is impossible to find a place for skating in Saudi Arabia because of its weather. Beside this, activities like bowling, wall climbing, Kids 3D cinema and musical dancing fountain are also the part of this mega amusement park. In Kids 3D cinema, when the video starts chairs moves automatically according to the actions happening in the video. check also : Best Private Beach & Resorts in Jeddah for Expats

After having a lot of fun there is also an arrangement for your hunger. Atallah Happy Land Park offers high quality food for its guests. You don’t have to carry your food from home because you can buy it form Atallah Happy Land Park. Atallah Happy Land Park has wonderful sitting area for its customer where you can relax with your family while having a tasty meal. Prayer room is also available in the park. Washrooms and First aid assistance are also available in the park. similar : Thuwal Beach (شاطئ ثول) – Best Public Beach in Jeddah

The entry fee is SR. 25. Wednesday night is only for Ladies. If you want to wear a bracelet for free rides then it will cost you SR. 90 and if you want to buy a bracelet for your kid then it will cost you SR. 50. At night you can enjoy a wonderful dancing show in the Atallah Happy Land park.

The Atallah Happy Land Park has been loved by the people of all ages. We hope after reading this article you will visit the park and will ask your friends to visit the park too. Also have a look at our other articles too and share them with your friends.

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Atallah Happy Land Park  Address, Phone and Google Map

Address: 6263 Al Kurnaysh Rd, Al-Shate’a, Jeddah 23611-2763
Hours: Open today · 5PM–12AM
Phone: 012 699 1157

Atallah Happy Land Park Photos


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Atallah Happy Land Park Photos Website

General email inquiries:

or phone 012 – 699 1157


Atallah Happy Land Park Youtube Video (watch HD)

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