Saudi Arabia Lifts Ban on Bangladeshi Workers After 6 Years


It has been six years since there was a ban on recruiting Bangladeshi workers and government of Saudi Arabia was not issuing working visa for them. This ban was necessary and has been on place to control the population of expatriates from Bangladesh.


But today, Saudi Labor Ministry and Social Development has finally list the ban on new recruitment from Bangladesh. Now people from Bangladesh who wants to work in Saudi Arabia are allow to apply for work visa for Saudi Arabia.

Bangladeshi Workers


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This lift of ban on Bangladeshi workers will allow all types of works from Bangladesh to entered in Saudi Arabia. Whether you are a skilled worker, unskilled worker or professional like accountant, teacher or doctor etc, you can now apply for work visa from Bangladesh.

Bangladeshi Ambassador Golam Moshi thanks Saudi Arabia government for lifting the ban on their works and also mentioned that

Saudi government always stand with the good and bad times of Bangladesh.

Currently there are more than 1.3 million registered workers from Bangladesh in which 60,000 domestic workers are female. “Bangladeshis in Saudi Arabia” are serving in 48 different types of industries. Ministry has decided to raise the number of Bangladeshi workers in January but finally the ban has been lift today in the month of September 2016.

News Source : Arab News

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