Benefits of GOSI to Expatriate and Saudi Employees

Top Benefits of Gosi Social Insurance including daily allowance, free medical Care, and more


We have recently shared with you the process of registration and getting your GOSI certificate. Every Saudi national and expatriates should get their “GOSI certificate” because this benefits them a lot in case of injury took place during working hour or due to work and work condition etc.


In case of any injury at work place, your employer is liable to pay for medical expenses as per Saudi Labor law but if you got registered with GOSI, then these benefits will be infinite specially if you received permanent disability or an employee lose his life at workplace due to accident.

Benefits of GOSI to Expatriate and Saudi Employees


Following is the list of basic benefits you will get if you are registered with GOSI.

  • Daily Allowance: If you become temporary disable due to employment injury and can not perform your duties properly, then GOSI will pay you 100% allowance on your daily wages where if GOSI is taking care of your medical expenses then this allowance will be decreased to 75% of your daily wages.
  • Free Medical Care: GOSI will pay all of your medical related expenses if you are registered with them. These free medical care can be avail by both the Saudi nationals and also the expatriates. The expenses which you can claim under your GOSI certificates includes the accident took place at workplace. You got injured while going for prayer or going to home and lunch from you workplace. Any disease which causes due to nature of workplace also qualified for the free medical care under GOSI’s rules.
  • Permanent Disability: In case if you become permanent disable and registered with GOSI, then they will pay for your medical expenses and also the average of your salary. The salary need to be reviews by GOSI after every 5 and 10 years. Also GOSI will pay you lump sum amount which will be equal to you 84 months of salary. But this amount should not be exceed to SR 330,000.
  • Death at work place: In case of death of an employee at work, GOSI will pay average of last 3 month salary X 84 months to the family. This amount can not be exceeds from SR 330,000.

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