5 Top and Best Taxi Services in Saudi Arabia Jeddah & Riyadh


Finding a taxi in Saudi Arabia is not difficult but finding a taxi which provides you quality services could be challenging sometime.


Today, we bring for you the list of top 5 “Taxi services of Saudi Arabia”. The list is specifically limited to Jeddah and Riyadh. So if you are living in these cities then you must know about them so you can travel easily within the city. see also : How to Find Jobs in Saudi Arabia 2017 (Complete Guide)

5 Top and Best Taxi Services in Saudi Arabia


1# Easy Taxi Service in Saudi Arabia:

Easy Taxi is most popular in Saudi Arabia due to low fares and fast services. Like other taxi services, you do not need to pay them through credit card and there are not fixed fare by “Easy Taxi services in Saudi Arabia”, you can even bargain with driver. The general price of a route is about SR 5 to SR 10. Their vehicles are not very well maintained and this is the only disadvantage of using this Taxi services.


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2# Uber Taxi Service in Saudi Arabia:

Uber is world most popular Taxi services which are operated in many countries. Unlike other local companies of Taxi, you need to rent the car through their mobile application and pay fare through credit card only. The base price starts from SR 6 and SR 0.50 per minute where the minimum fare is SR 20 which means that you must pay at least SR 20 for per ride.


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3# Careem Taxi Service in Saudi Arabia:

Careem work almost in same way like Uber do but the main difference is their fare. In Uber you have to come to know about your fare when you reached to your destination where in Careem, their mobile application can tell you about the taxi (ليموزين) fare in advance according to your destination. So, you don’t need to be worried about high fare if you are using Careem taxi services. Although the company offer discount offers time to time on special events and days.


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4# Taxi Pixi Service in Saudi Arabia:

Taxipixi is a local start up which works similar to Uber and Careem. But their services are not limited for small routes. You can rent the vehicle from 4 hours to 24 hours. The rent of taxi depends on your final destination but the minimum base fare of Taxipixi is SR 18. They have well maintained cars and good customer services. You don’t need to pay in advance to use their services.


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5# Mondo Taxi Service in Saudi Arabia:

Mondo is popular because of their nice cars but they have very limited number of cars due to which its could be difficult sometime to take advantage from their taxi services. There is no fix fare has been set by the company where driver charge according to meter installed in the car but you can always bargain with driver to reduce the price.


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which application you used ? what is your experienced share with us in comments section.

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