How to Book Al Ahwal Appointment on Website Online


To book Birth certificate of your child you need book an appointment with Al Ahwal. You can book it online from Ministry of Interior website. This service is known Al Ahwal Madani.


Today we will guide you the procedure to book an appointment with Al Ahwal appointment. The procedure is long but not difficult. We will guide you in step by step method so that you can understand this procedure easily. We hope it will help you.

How to Book Al Ahwal Appointment on Website Online


Procedure to Book Al Ahwal Appointment on Website Online

The first thing you have to do is open Ministry on Interior website. Click Here to go there. This page will open in front of you:SaudiBuzz

After this log in to your Absher account. If you don’t have Absher account then you can create by following our post. Create Absher Account.SaudiBuzz

From EServices move your mouse cursor to passport and then select Book an appointment from it.


It will take you the new page where you have to enter your Iqama number and Date of birth which looks like this:


After clicking on verify my details a message will appear in front of you. You have to select Book an Appointment and click on Proceed to Service.existing-appointment-moi-gov-sa


After this click on Book new appointment and you will be taken to next step. If you already have booked an appointment it will also appears

Translate the page into English and tick Writing a birthday date down, select your region and then click on next.

After this select a branch where you want to go for appointment. If you have choose the branch and region you want to go then click on

In the next step you have to set the date and time for your appointment. First you have to select that on which date you want to set the appointment then select the time of your choice.


In the end after setting your desired time click on the next button and confirm your appointment. A ticket will appear in front of you. Print that ticket and visit the office you select at the time you set for your appointment. Required documents will be mentioned on the ticket.


We hope our article has helped you but if you still find difficulty then you can tell us about that. Take a look at our other articles too. see also : How to Book Online Appointment for Istiqdam via Abshir Account MOI

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