How to Check Fingerprinting Status in Saudi Arabia


Finger printing is compulsory for every foreigner who is living in Saudi Arabia for a temporary period or permanent and is above 6 years old. Without you can’t use any government facility which includes the renewal of your Iqama. Saudi Arabia government has made it very easy to check your “fingerprint status” by providing an online service for it. You don’t have to visit any government office to check your fingerprint status, you can do it from your home or residence on the website of Ministry of Interior.


How to Check Fingerprinting Status in Saudi Arabia


Today we will guide you step by step that how can you check your fingerprint status on Ministry of Interior’s website. Follow these steps to check your fingerprint status.

Check Fingerprinting status on MOI.GOV.SA

Step 1=> The first you have to do to check your status is to open Ministry of interior’s website. This page will appear in front of you:


Step 2=> After opening the website, click on the Electronic Inquiries tab which has been highlighted with red circle in the screenshot below.


Step 3=> When you will click on Electronic Inquires then new window will appear on your computer screen which would be look like this:



Then you have to click on “Public Query Fingerprint Enrollment” that has been highlighted in the screenshot.

Step 4=> This new window will appear in front of you where you will enter your Iqama number.


Step 5=> In this new window you have to enter your Iqama number in the identify number box and Image code in the image code box. Then click on the view or press enter to see the result.


Step 6=> If you see this message “Fingerprint Enrollment updated” then it means that Ministry of Interior has your record and you can use government facilities. You’re living legally in Saudi Arabia.


But if this message “No Result Found” appears on your screen then it means Ministry of Interior don’t have your record and you have visit any Finger Print Center nearby you.



Requirements for Fingerprinting

As we have mentioned above fingerprinting is very important if you are a foreigner in Saudi Arabia because without it you can renew your Iqama. You can’t get the exit visa or visit visa. So therefore you have to visit your nearest fingerprint center so that Ministry of Interior can take your record and you can use government facilities provided to foreigners in Saudi Arabia. To register your fingerprinting you need the following documents.

  1. Original Passport
  2. Original residence permits (iqama)

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