How to Check Hajj Eligibility Online for Resident Pilgrims


Hajj 2016 is around the corner. Unlike other countries around the world, there is special quota has been issued for Saudi Residents and Saudi Arabia nationals. As compare to other counties rules and regulations, the rules set for Saudi peoples by the KSA government is bit strict.




If you are living in another country and want to perform Hajj every year, then you can but as a pilgrims from Saudi Arabia, you have to wait for five years to perform the Hajj if you have already did one. The ban of Hajj lifted on those Saudi pilgrims who recently got married. The purpose of setting these rules to give chance to other Muslims to perform Hajj.

Rules Governing the Eligibility of Hajj for Saudi Nationals and Residents:

  1. The eligibility for Hajj can be check through Ministry of Interior (MOI) website. But before I share the process of checking Hajj eligibility through MOI website, you should know about the general eligibility first.
  2. As a Saudi citizen, you are not allowed to perform Hajj within next 5 years. For example, If you have performed Hajj in year 2011, then you are not eligible to perform Hajj until year 2017.
    If you performed Hajj when you was single and got married now, then the above mentioned restriction will be left on you only if you are performing Hajj with your wife. You will become eligible for Hajj for the following year.

Step by step guide to check eligibility for Hajj through MOI website:

Note: You need to have your Iqama (اقامة ) number to check your eligibility for Hajj.

Step 1: Open Ministry of Interior Saudi Arabia website (MOI.GOV.SA).

Step 2: Choose the language of your choice (English or Arabic) from left upper corner of the website.

Step 3: From the main menu of website, click on “E-service”.

Step 4: From the left side of the menu, click on Passport.

Step 5: From drop down list, you need to click on “Public query Hajj eligibility”.


Step 6: A new page will be appeared where you need to enter your Iqama number and write down the image code.


Step 7: Click the view button or press enter to see your Hajj eligibility status.


If you have not performed Hajj in last “5 years” then you will get the message like “eligible for Hajj this year” on your screen.

Check Eligibility for Hajj through Ministry of Haj

Step 1: Open Ministry of Haj Website (


Step 2: Enter your Iqama (اقامة ) number & image text.

Step 3: Click on “Submit” Button.


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