How to Check Hajj Tasreeh Confirmation and Genuine or Fake


It is important to “check Hajj tasreeh confirmation” to know whether your Hajj permit (تصريح الحج) is genuine or fake to keep yourself safe from fake agents.


Tasreeh is a documents which is issued by Hajj authority of Saudi Arabia to Saudi citizens and resident when they are eligible to perform Hajj. Tasreeh is also known as Hajj permit. A Saudi cannot perform Hajj without holding a valid Tasreeh.

How to Check Hajj Tasreeh Confirmation and Genuine or Fake


There was no concept of Hajj permit just few year ago but due to increase in pilgrims around the world, now Saudi Arabia government has set new rules for their citizen. According to this rule, they need to acquired Hajj permit to perform Hajj.

The process of getting Hajj tasreeh is not difficult. You can apply for this through an agent or apply by yourself by submitting the required documents for Tasreeh. You can check the list of documents required for Hajj permit from Saudi Arabia and Eligibility Online for Resident Pilgrims.

If you are applying for Hajj tasreeh through agent, then you need to be careful about its status because there are many cases has been filed in which agents has issued fake tasreeh to earn black money from the pilgrims.

Check Hajj Tasreeh (تصريح الحج) Confirmation and Genuine or Fake

To check Hajj Tasreeh Confirmation and Genuine or Fake, you need to have your Iqama number. You can be confirm this by calling to Ministry of Interior or by visiting to their website.

Step 1: Open Ministry of Interior (MOI) website on your browser.

Step 2: Choose the language of your choice (English or Arabic) from left upper corner of the website.


Step 3: From the main menu of website, click on “Electronic Inquiries”. A drop down menu will be appear, you need to move your cursor to “Hajj Permit” and then “Inquiry about Hajj Permit”.

Step 4: A new screen will be opened where you need to enter your Iqama number and date of birth along with inquiry code.

Once you follow the above steps, a new screen will be appeared along with your Hajj permit status along with agent details. You can also print you Hajj tasreeh from this page.

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