How to Check Iqama Status Nitaqat (Red Green Yellow)


The Nitaqat Law for Saudization was introduced by Saudi Ministry of Labor in 2011. The main purpose for this law was to provide employment opportunities to Saudi nationals over foreign expatriates. The Ministry of Labor has classifies the companies in four category on the bases of number of Saudi employees.


The categories names are red, yellow, green and premium. Among them, premium and green is the highest ranked company with number of most Saudi nationals as employee where red and yellow has the least number of Saudi employees.

How to Check Iqama Status Nitaqat (Red Green Yellow)


Ministry of Labor offer benefits to each company on the bases of the color they has been labeled by Ministry of Labor as per Nitaqat law of Saudization and also your Iqama will be labeled with color among these four on the bases of your kafeel’s color. see also : How to Check My Electricity Bill Online in Saudi Arabia


Knowing about the nitaqat category of your kafeel, company or sponsor could be benefits you if you are applying to Saudi Arabia for job or even if you are already working in a company under Nitaqat law. You can check the nitaqat category of color of your kafeel by following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Visit to the Ministry of Labor website.

Step 2: Enter your Iqama number in second option.

Step 3: Enter the robot detector code to confirm your verification in fourth box.


On next page, the details regarding to your Iqama color, color of your kafeel will be appeared.



You can transfer to a new company if your color is red or green. You don’t even required to have permission for this from your kafeel. see also : How to Transfer Car Ownership in Saudi Arabia

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