How to Check Location & Time of Saher Camera Traffic Violation


“Saher camera system” is one of the most advance system in the world which has been introduced few years ago in Saudi Arabia to stop traffic violation and record on camera if any traffic violation is taking place on road.


Saher did not only record the information about your speed limit but also traffic violations like driving using mobile, not following red light, changing lines and not wearing seat belt etc.

How to Check Location & Time of Saher Camera Traffic Violation


You can get fine information about traffic violation which has been record by Seher camera through MOI website, by sending SMS or dialing to their customer services. We have written a detailed article on this. Click here to read more about it. But do you know that you can also check the location and time of traffic violation by Saher camera? Yes it is possible.

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Through MOI website, you can actually see the exact location and time when you have breached any traffic rule due to which you have been fined. By getting this information you can be careful in future. see also : How to Check Saher Camera Traffic Violation in Saudi Arabia

Step 1: Go to MOI website and select English language from the top left hand side of the website.

Step 2: Click on Electronic Inquiries tab. You can found this option on the main menu of the website (top middle).

Step 3: You will be redirect to a new page. You will see a new menu on left side of the website. Click on Traffic from there.

Step 4: Under the Traffic option, the more sub menu will be appear. Click on “Public Query Traffic Violation”.

Step 5: On this page you need to enter the required details which includes violation ID, Iqama number and image verification code and press view.

Step 6: The new page will show the all the details regarding to your violation ID which will also includes the time when you breach traffic rules and also the map of the exact location from where Saher camera has recorded you.

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