How to Check My Electricity Bill Online in Saudi Arabia


Saudi Electric Company allows Saudis to view their electricity bill and pay online without going to bank. This could be done through mobile or PC. All you need to create a free account on “Saudi Electric Company” to view and pay your electricity bill in Saudi Arabia. see also : How to Check Vehicle Insurance Online in Saudi Arabia


Following is the complete details through which you can view your electricity bill online through Saudi Electric Company website. check also : Jeddah “Largest Drinking Water Storage Facility” Guinness World Record

How to Check My Electricity Bill Online in Saudi Arabia


Step 1: Open the official website of Saudi Electric Company.

Step 2: Select English language from left corner of the website.


Step 3: From left side menu, click on Our Services > My Bills.


Step 4: You will be redirect to login page to view your electricity bill. If you are not registered on website, then create a new account as “Individuals” You need to enter your email ID to get register on Saudi Electric website.


Step 5: Once you registered on website, again click on My Bills option as mentioned in step 3.

Step 6: Now enter your bill number to view bill instantly.


Your electricity bill be looks like below. There are options for payment history, old bills, my bill, bill spit and print bill options


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