How to Check Saudi Arabia Visa Status (Enjaz) – Work Visa


Saudi Arabia is known as the land of opportunity because there are always jobs available for skilled labor, unskilled labor and other professionals. Every year thousands of people travel to Saudi Arabia on work visa in hope to get better job and financially support their families in home country. But many of them end-up in jail or Saudi government send them back because their work visa is not valid.


Travel agents in your home countries sometime issued you a fake visa and also stamped it on your passport to earn money from you.

How to Check Saudi Arabia Visa Status (Enjaz) - Work Visa


So, it is very important for you to “confirm your work visa status” before you actually travel to Saudi Arabia because travelling on a fake visa cause many problems in future. Saudi government can ban you forever or specific time of period to travel in Saudi Arabia due to fake work visa.

Saudi Arabia government has started an online services called “Enjaz / إنجاز “ through which you can easily confirm and check the status of your work visa online from any where.

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Information Required to Check Saudi Arabia Visa Status

  • You need to required following things to “check Saudi Arabia visa status”:
  • Your visa number / رقم التأشيرة
  • Visa issuing authority name (city name) / جهة القدوم
  • Sponsor ID number / رقم السجل

In case if you have applied for “work visa in Saudi Arabia” and want to check its status then you have required the following information:

  • Application number
  • Passport number

Step 1: Open Enjaz website

Step 2: If your visa is not yet issued then you can search its status by filling the right hand side form. Enter the required information like application and passport number. Write down the image code and press search button.


Step 3: If your visa has been already issued then open this link ( )

Step 4: Fill the small form by entering visa number, authority name, sponsor ID number and image code for verification. Press search button to see the result.


Now you will able to see whether your work visa is valid or not. Also you can see from here the other details like for what profession you have applied for, your nationality and visa issue date etc.


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