How to Convert UAE Driving License into Saudi Driving License


If you are coming to Saudi Arabia for job or work purpose and already own UAE driving license, then you can easily convert your UAE driving license into Saudi driving license.


This option is available for anyone including UAE expatriates holding UAE driving license. Following, the complete procedure to convert UAE driving license into Saudi driving license is mentioned in detail:

How to Convert UAE Driving License into Saudi Driving License


Documents Required to Convert UAE Driving License to Saudi:

  • Two passport size photographs
  • Original Iqama from Saudi Arabia
  • Original driving license from UAE
  • Photocopies of your passport including visa entry page
  • Photocopies of Saudi Iqama and driving license of UAE.

Saudi Driving License Fee:

  • 10 Year: 400/SR
  • 5 Year: 200/SR
  • 2 Year: 80/SR

Step 1: Pay Driving License Fee:

You can pay driving license fee through online banking in same way like you pay driving fee if you are applying for new driving license in Saudi Arabia. You can also pay license fee with the help of agent in Dallah school.

Step 2: Fill the driving license form:

The agent will provides you driving license form. You need to fill this. It will cost only SR 4/-.

Step 3: Blood and eye test at Dallah school:

There will be a room where you need to pay SR 150/- for medical tests which includes blood and eye test. You will given report of your test within few minutes in same room.

Step 4: Change UAE license into Saudi license:

From the main building at counter number 6, you will inform the police office that you already have UAE driving license and want to change it. Your file will be stamped at the same counter and you will be asked to go counter number 2 for further process.

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Step 5: Submit your UAE driving license:

You need to submit the original UAE driving license on counter number 2 and wait for your turn.

Step 6: collect your new driving license without test:

Within 15 minutes of wait (or depend on number of files) your name will be announced to collect your Saudi driving license without any further testing including driving test etc.

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If you are making driving license for 10 years then your total expenses will be 400+150+4 = SR 554/-.

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