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How to Correct Name or Change on Iqama in Saudi Arabia

Procedure to Correct Spelling Mistake on Iqama


Iqama or Muqeem card is one of the most important card you should get as soon as possible when you reached to Saudi Arabia for business or employment purpose. Iqama could be used to open bank account, get Hajj permit, invite your family members to visit Saudi Arabia and other things which are necessary to live in Saudi Arabia.


How to Correct Name or Change on Iqama in Saudi Arabia

You can learn through our previous tutorial that how to apply for first Iqama in Saudi Araiba. But what will you do if you receive Iqama ID card with wrong name spellings in Arabic and English? Don’t be panic because this could be correct with in 1 to 3 days manually or through online services. Following I am writing the complete process to correct your name spellings on Iqama. But before that learn about other related issues:

Things you can’t do with a wrong name on Iqama:

An Iqama with wrong spelling is not considered as a valid Iqama, so you cannot do anything in Saudi Arabia with this which includes office work. Examples of things you cant do with wrong Iqama card are:

Procedure to correct spellings on Iqama:

To get your spelling mistakes correct on Iqama card, you need to contact with your company’s HR officer or government relation officer in same day as you contact with them when you applied for your first Iqama. You need to inform them about spelling mistakes as soon as possible once you receive your Iqama ad request him for the correction.

Correct English spellings on Iqama: He can change the English spelling mistake by accessing the website. You will get the new Iqama within 48 hours.

Correct Arabic spellings on Iqama: To correct Arabic spelling mistake, he need to visit Jawazath office and request there for spelling mistake. You will get the new Iqama within 48 hours.

  • Awais Bhatti

    which website is used to change English Name reply urgently? it would be a great help if you tell

    • Hi awais
      No website allowed you to change your name. ask your mandoob or Hr to change or correct your name. Thanks.

      • Awais Bhatti

        My iqama english name is incorrect i go to my kafeel and ask him to change he tried with muqeem portal to change but can’t able to do so and he dont have any idea to change please tell me and i read everywhere online he can change by just accessing the website thats why i am asking about the website

        • no option in muqeem i confirm some one. he says only jawazat do it correction. if you kafeel have muqeem then u will check options there. maybe you get it.

          • Awais Bhatti

            i tried with saudi agents and offer them good money but they ask for my first visa which i used to enter in saudi arabia which i dont have i lost my first passport i am very tensed i have no option i think and kafeel is not going to jawazat too

          • Abdul Waheed

            What if someone needs to change Picture on his/ her Muqeem card, is there any possibility to do so?

          • no its not possible.