How to Find Current Kafeel/ Sponsor in Saudi Arabia


If you are coming to Saudi Arabia or already working here then it is very important for you to confirm the status of your kafeel (sponsor) whether he is legally allowed to sponsor you or not. Because having a fake kafeel or a sponsor who is not allowed to be kafeel of expat can cause lot of problem for you and you may be send back to your country.


Although, other than the above issue, you need to confirm the sponsorship status of your new kafeel in case if you have changed your job recently. This could be done simply by checking name of your kafeel in Ministry of Labor records. see also : How to Check Iqama Status Nitaqat (Red Green Yellow)

How to Find Current Kafeel/ Sponsor in Saudi Arabia


There are different ways to find the name of your current or new kafeel in the Ministry of Labor records which could be time taking but recently the Ministry of Labor in Saudi Arabia has made this process by allowing you to check the name of your sponsor though their website. see also : How Much Fine or Jail if you Caught without Iqama in Saudi Arabia

Step 1: Open Ministry of Labor website. Click here. The website is only available in Arabic language at the moment.

Step 2: On this page you need to click on drop down menu and select the last option.


Step 3: Now, the website will asked from you to enter your Iqama number and date. You also need to enter CAPTCHA and press enter.


The news page will show you the result in which the name of your employer will be shown. The page will be look like this:


If you got the following result, then don’t panic because it is the confirmation massage that your sponsorship is transferred recently.



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