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Cycle Roundabout Jeddah (دوار الدراجة بجدة)

Best Roundabout in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


If you want to visit some of the interesting and historical looking roundabouts then you should check out this Cycle Roundabout Jeddah. It is one of the magnificent looking roundabouts. You can call it as an icon and an element of “beautification” of this city of Jeddah. This roundabout can be called as an element of realization of landmarks. It is a captivating looking monument and you should be taking a picture with it.


It is true to some extent that this Jedah city is filled up and covered up with these kinds of monuments and interesting looking roundabouts. This roundabout has been actually designed and created just to celebrate the local culture of this Jeddah city. If you ever get this chance to visit this Jeddah city then you should also be exploring its roundabouts. Check out the below written details and information and know more and more about this Cycle Roundabout Jeddah:

Cycle Roundabout Jeddah (دوار الدراجة بجدة)


Cycle Roundabout Jeddah

Other details About Cycle Roundabout Jeddah:

  • You will be loving this Bicycle sculpture as soon as you will be catching a glimpse of it! You can call this monument as one of the larger-than-life sculptures so far. It is the most famous landmarks so far in Jeddah and you should not ever and ever miss it out.
  • It was the time of 2013 when this Cycle Roundabout Jeddah had been installed with this 583 m long kind of flyover bridge. Now, it has been given the name of a ‘Bicycle Bridge’. This bridge got opened for the traffic in the time of May 2015.

Cycle Roundabout Jeddah Is Made Of?

  • This amazing looking piece has been made of white granite and also black stones. Yes, it is the world’s largest bicycle sculpture.
  • It is huge and massive one in size.
  • It is about metres high and it is an excellent and mind blowing art work of some Spanish artist.

You should visit this Cycle Roundabout Jeddah

We know that this Jeddah city has always been one of the most interesting cities in this world. It has this largest and massive in size open-air art gallery. This city is covered with so many sculptures. It has these modern artworks around it. All of these modern artworks makes this city so magical and mesmerizing looking. In these modern and latest artworks, you will get to see different and varied kinds of designs. This city is jam packed with many and lots of theme works. All of these works and designing has been done by some of the international sculptors. Among these amazing and eye opening art works, we have this artwork of Cycle Roundabout Jeddah. It has been created by Julio Lafuente and it is located right around Sitteen Street. It is an eye-catching sculpture that measures up to 50 feet in height.You should visit this Cycle Roundabout Jeddah because it is an exceptional looking artwork.

Cycle Roundabout Jeddah Photos

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If you make a visit to this roundabout, then you should share your experience with us. We are anxiously waiting for your comments and your feedback. Stay tuned and explore this Jeddah city with us.

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