Which Documents Required for Tasreeh (Hajj Permit) for Saudi Residents


There are number of documents required for Tasreeh or Hajj permit (تصــاريــح الحـــج) to perform Hajj from Saudi Arabia by Saudi citizens and Saudi residents.


There are five pillars of Islam and Hajj is one of them which mean that as a Muslim, if you have money then you have to perform Hajj at least once in your life. Every year, millions of Muslims around the world visit Saudi Arabia (city Mecca) to perform Hajj.

Which Documents Required for Tasreeh (Hajj Permit) for Saudi Residents


To control the population of pilgrims, the Saudi government issue specific quota for each country including for the residents of Saudi Arabia. Unlike any other country, there are strict rules to follow in Saudi Arabia to get permission for Hajj.

Just few year ago, performing Hajj was very easy for the Saudi citizens but now government has issued number of rules which includes that you cannot perform Hajj if you have already performed recently and you have to wait for five years to perform you next Hajj while you need to take permission from government of Saudi Arabia if you are willing to perform Hajj. This specific permission for Hajj is called Tasreeh or Hajj Permit.

There are number of documents required by Hajj authority before they issue Tasreeh (Hajj Permit). Following I am sharing the list of documents required for tasreeh:

List of Documents Required for Tasreeh (تصــاريــح الحـــج)

Before you check the list of documents, make sure to read our recent post about How to Check Hajj Eligibility Online for Resident Pilgrims to confirm that whether you are eligible to perform Hajj or not.

  1. A valid copy of Iqama
  2. A valid copy of passport
  3. 4 recent passport size photos (4×6 cm in size)
  4. Hajj permits (Tasreeh) request form
  5. Approval letter for Hajj from the employer
  6. 1 copy of your driving license OR
  7. 1 copy of your blood group report
  8. Application for Hajj, signed by the sponsor
  9. Recent report of vaccinate against meningitis.

Note: Hajj application could be also collected from the Hajj agent near you. next post we share with you Hajj Companies list.

If you are taking help of an Hajj agent, then make sure to confirm that your Hajj permit or Tasreeh is real because recently there are many fraudulent case has been registered in Saudi Arabia regarding to this issue. Lear how to check Hajj Tasreeh Confirmation and Genuine or Fake.

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