How to Apply Online E Visa Bahrain from Saudi Arabia


Many expatriates living in Saudi Arabia wants to spend holidays in Bahrain but don’t know about the requirements and how to apply on it. Bahrain is a very beautiful country and many people wants to go there. You can dress whatever you want in Bahrain.


Bahrain has number of sandy beaches where you spend holidays. Today, we will solve your problems and will guide you that how can “apply for Bahrain Visa” and what are the requirements for it. First we will guide you about the requirements and then after we will guide you that how can you apply for Visa. So, lets start it.see also : New Visa Fees in Saudi Arabia on All Categories

How to Apply Online E Visa Bahrain from Saudi Arabia


Procedure to apply for Online eVisa for Bahrain from Saudi Arabia

Requirements for Visa

  • You have to pay visit visa fee which may vary depending upon the time you want to spend in Bahrain. For instance: if you are planning to get 3 days visa you have to pay BD 10 for this.
  • It is suggested that you should visit Bahrain when at least 6 months are remaining for the expiration of your Visa.
  • Your Iqama must be Valid. You can’t visit Bahrain with invalid Iqama. It should be legal and valid.
  • After the issuance of visa, you have to visit Bahrain within 30 days. After 30 days you can’t use this visa and have to apply for new one.
  • You are not allowed to “work in Bahrain with visit visa”. You should have a return ticket and enough money with which you can support yourself. see also : Family Visa Rejection and Increase Visa Fee in Saudi Arabia
  • You can only enter the cities from airport.

How to Apply Bahrain Visa?

  • Procedure to apply for eVisa for Bahrain is same for all Gulf states (GCC).
  • Open this link to apply for Visa for Bahrain.- => eVisa Bahrain ( This page will open in front of you.



Fill this form as we have filled in the screenshot. Select the purpose of your visit and nationality. It may varies from the screenshot below:


Once you filled the form click on the next.

New page will open on your screen. Select the type of visa you want from this page:



Statement will open. If you accept this statement then click on I Accept. If you are not agree with statement then click on I don’t Accept.



Now you have to fill this form:



At the end you have to complete the payment procedure and wait for the arrival of your procedure.

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