10 Ways to Earn Money Online in Saudi Arabia 2017


A number of people in Saudi Arabia prefer to stay at home rather than working in an office. Majority of them are females who don’t likes to work within men or may have other problems because of it they prefer to stay at home. Many people also wants to do a part time job from home to earn more money for their livelihood. Students also prefer to do freelancing from home so they can earn money and can give proper time to their studies.


We got many request from the people to write an article on this issue and today we are going to solve this problem.

10 Ways to Earn Money Online in Saudi Arabia


Today, we are going to guide you “how to earn money online in Saudi Arabia”. You don’t have to visit any office now to earn money, you can do it from your home online. We will tell you about the opportunities through which you can earn money from your home. As we all know that earning money is not a roses of bed, you have put all of your effort to earn money. We can only guide you that what you have to do and the rest of the work has to be done you. So lets start the article about how to “earn money online in Saudi Arabia”.

1. Online Content Writing

Most of the people who are living in Saudi Arabia have good English skills. You can use your English skills to earn money from your home. It will be easy for you and you will be paid more than other online jobs. Now the question arise that from where you can find online jobs? You can  search jobs on freelancing websites such as Upwork.com or Freelancer.com etc. People from all over the world post online jobs into these websites. You have to apply for these by writing a proposal for them. You also have to quote your price that how much money you will take for content writing or translation. Many other people also applies for this job therefore you have write to bid in a way that the person who has posted online job, hires you. see also : Get Reward for Reporting Labor Violation in Saudi Arabia


2. Translation

If you also knows Arabic then it is a plus point because you can also apply for a job such as English to Arabic translation or Arabic to English translation. You may be asked by them to make presentation, do content writing on website, English to Arabic translation etc. Once you will complete the work, you will get payed by the person who hired you.


3. Providing Online Services

You can also provide online services to the people. If you are good something such as MS excel and PowerPoint then find such jobs on website and apply for it. Many firms prefer to hire person online to make financial statements and presentation because it will cost them less. You can apply for these jobs because if you are good in it then it will not take a lot time for you to make financial statements or presentation. You may also be asked for online tutoring services. If you are a Muslim then you can teach Quran to the Muslim kids living in Western countries. There are many ways through which you can earn money online but you just have to make an aim for it because without aim you can do nothing. You can become a chat operator for any website they will pay you for it. If you are good in any subject then you can also offer online course to the students who search for online tuition.You can search for such jobs from the website of freelancing we have mentioned above.


4. Social Media Marketing

You can handle the social media accounts of different companies. They will pay you good for this, Many companies in Saudi Arabia are opening their online chat centers where users can do answers and questions. These companies are hiring freelancers nowadays for their chat centers. They will teach you about their content. They will also train you that how to answer the questions that users will do. They will guide you about the product they offer, it may be software, eatables goods, electronics etc. I chatted with the customer services of one of the biggest telecom service in Saudi Arabia. We have also heard that many banks are also going to launch this service so be alert and apply for such jobs which you can do from your home online. Many universities also offer this service you can also apply their. They will teach about the courses that university offers and then you will be chat representative of their university. You can earn a lot of money from such jobs because they are not that much hard. It all depends upon you, if you have the knowledge about the company you’re working for you will get paid well. You can search for such jobs from the website of freelancing we have mentioned above.


5. Product Marketing

You can also apply for product marketing jobs in which you can apply online from website we have mentioned above. You have to do the marketing of different products online and they will pay you for this. It is a good way to earn online money. Many people are earning online money through this mean.


6. Earn Money with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a good way to earn online money if you know how to do this. You have to post ads for a company on different website and they you have to take your commission by the company. They can also pay you monthly or weekly or daily it depends upon the company that which structure they support.


7. Create Your Own Blog

You can create your own blog or website on which you can write an article and post them. The more number of viewers will read this, the more you’ll get paid by ads posted on your website. You can earn a lot from this job but you also have invest a lot in this. You have to pay developer to develop website for you. Once the website get completed then you can post article on it and you’ll get paid when the readers read it. If you are not good in English then you can hire a blogger or content writer to write articles for you.


8. Create Your Own YouTube Channel

Many people are earning money from YouTube. They make their own videos such as comedy videos and they are getting money from it. The more the number of viewers the more you will get paid. Many people says that you get $1,000 from YouTube when you get 1 million views of a video on YouTube. Make you sure that you make your own video but not upload someone’s without permission.


9. Call Centers Jobs

Some company’s offer chat representatives while some hires call center representatives. Company will give you script about what you have to say to a customer on a phone or what you have sell. You may get commission on every sale. They can also pay you on per hour basis. It all depends upon the contract you have singed with the company. It is a good way to earn online money in Saudi Arabia but you will not get paid as much as in the previous mentioned jobs. You can search for such jobs from the website of freelancing we have mentioned above.


10. Stock Trading And Forex Commodity

It is the most dangerous method to earn online money in Saudi Arabia. You can earn hundreds of Riyals in one minute but can also lose thousands in one minute. It requires high skills and business minded person to this job because you must have the knowledge of in which business you have to invest otherwise you will lose everything. There are hundreds of people in the world who have become millionaire through forex trading and there are hundreds of them also who have lost everything because of investing wrong. We suggest you that if you don’t have high skills then stay away from this job. It is a very risky business but a good way to earn money online.


We hope you have enjoyed our article and it has helped you. Now it depends upon you that which job you can do better and would like to do. If you still have any difficult then please mentioned in the comments below we will try our best to help you. Now please share this article with your friends and let them know about this golden opportunity too. And also have a look at our other articles too and share them with friends and family.

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