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11 Interesting Facts about Jeddah Tower

World’s Tallest Building in Saudi Arabia


The Kingdom Tower will be the tallest building of the world which is currently under-construction. The kingdom tower, Saudi Arabia will be around 3,280 ft tall which is designed by Adrian smith along with Gordon Gill Architecture from Chicago.


11 Interesting Facts about Jeddah Tower, Saudi Arabia


It will be a huge part of the development as well as will be the first tallest structure in the whole world to closer to the one kilometer high. First it was designed to be the one mile higher which is 1.6 kilometer but then the decision has been changed due to the geology of the area where building is going to built which was not suitable for this much height.

I am crazy fan of architecture and tallest building in the world. So whenever I am free search around for the tallest building and their different design and interesting fact about them. So I thought to share today some of the great and interesting facts about the soon to be the tallest building of the world – “Kingdom Tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia”.

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Fact #1 This amazing and the tallest tower of the world will be the first home to the globe’s highest observatory. The tower also tends to have a separate and beautiful 98-foot-diameter outside balcony that was initially planned to be a helipad of the building.


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Fact #2 The building of Kingdom tower is that much huge that architectures are not able to illustrate it sensibly in one depiction. Just the elevations plus birds-eye views can hold the whole project. Just imagine how amazingly tall this building will be!


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Fact #3 This tallest building that is the tallest skyscraper of the world after beating burj Khalifa of Dubai from around 173 meters also known as Jeddah Tower.


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Fact #4 The soon to be tallest skyscraper of the world was designed with huge attention as well as cares to provide artistic features that is the again the hot topic of the town around the globe.


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Fact #5 This tower contains as much as 80,000 tons of steel in construction and the best part is that the temperature of the top floor of the Kingdom Tower will be the half of the temperature at the bottom floor of the Tower due to the height factor. Isn’t it amazing?


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Fact #6 They are planning to place around 59 elevators that will travel with the speed of 35 KPH.


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Fact #7 The kingdom tower will definitely remake and reshape the city Jeddah and will also have a great impact on overall Saudi Arabia. This tallest skyscraper will provide season hotels, apartments, A class office space and promised much more interesting things. Moreover, this will be a big call for the tourist around the world to visit Jeddah for this tower. This building will showcase the great work of architectural and engineering skills.


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Fact #8 The building has ultra-modern features and amazing design. This means it has a high-performance external solid wall system, counting low-conductivity glass that will reduce energy utilization by reducing thermal loads.


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Fact #9 There building will have three super awesome patios all its sides and each side will feature a sequence of cool notches where outside terraces provides a splendid view of Jeddah as well as the beautiful Red Sea.


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Fact #10 The design of the tower includes around 120 apartments as well as 385 condominiums, even though that figure may modify as the sketch progresses. The tallest skyscraper will consist of 54,000 sq m of luxurious office space dispersed between the bottom and top floors.


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Fact #11 The big issue is water in the Kingdom Tower. Water has to pumped up to the 163-floor of the Tower in different stages by utilizing holding tanks at range levels, to evade over pressure building up in the water pipes of the Tower as well as causing them to split open.

Kingdom Tower 2018

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