Family Visa Rejection and Increase Visa Fee in Saudi Arabia


Recently we have posted about increase in visit visa fee in Saudi Arabia which will apply on every type of visit visas including Hajj, Umrah, Business and work etc.


Many people are concern about the family visit visa fee in Saudi Arabia.

Family Visa Rejection and Increase Visa Fee in Saudi Arabia


Well, the new visit visa fees also includes family visit visa, which means that, the increase in visit visa fees will also effect the fee of family visit visa in Saudi Arabia.


Etimad authorized agent by Saudi Embassy


Photo Credit by Mr. Ahtesham

Family Visit Visa Fee in Saudi Arabia:

The change is already announced by the government of Saudi Arabia regarding to increase in family visit visa fees. As per Etimad in Pakistan which is an authorized agent by Saudi Embassy has published, the new family visit visa fee for Saudi Arabia is SR 2000 which s approximately PRK 58,600. The fee will be charge in home country instead of Chamber of Commerce in Saudi Arabia.


Status of Family Visit Visa Already Submitted to MOFA

If you have already applied for family visit visa through MOFA’s website. Then you should keep an eye of your application status because recently MOFA has rejected all the applications which has been applied for family visit visa. They are asking to apply once again with new visa fee and rules. Although, there is not any changed in the process of applying in family visit visa. But if your application is rejected due to new system, then you have apply for family visit visa once again trough MOFA through their new system. recommend : How to Check Saudi Arabia Visa Status (Enjaz) – Work Visa

Status of Family Visit Visa Already Submitted to MOFA


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Permanent “Family Visa in Saudi Arabia”

The Saudi expatriates who wants to apply for permanent family visa in Saudi Arabia should note it down that there is also increase in permanent family visa. You have to pay extra SR 2000 in case if you want to bring your family in Saudi Arabia permanently. similar : Saudi Arabia Increased Visit Visa Fee up to 2000/SR



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