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How Much Fine or Jail if you Caught without Iqama in Saudi Arabia

Forget your iqama at home do you know what happen!


Iqama is your resident permit for living in Saudi Arabia for which you have to keep up with you every time. If you “caught without Iqama” you will be fined.


It is compulsory for every foreign person who is living in Saudi Arabia to keep you Iqama with you every time. It can save you from troubles. But if you are not carrying your Iqama with you then you will be fined. Today, we will tell you that how much you will be fined.

How Much Fine or Jail if you Caught without Iqama


You can also be deported for this or may be jailed. Fine depends upon the situation.

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1.If you Caught for the First Time

If you don’t have your Iqama with you and you have been caught for the first time without iqama then Saudi police will jailed you and then allow to call someone who can bring your Iqama to the police station. You can only call to a person who has an access to your Iqama.

For instance: If you live in a house with you brother then you can call your brother to bring your Iqama to the police station. When he brings your Iqama to the police station you will be released and SR. 1,000 will be impose on you as a fine penalty. You have to pay it.

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