Mobily Offer Free 100 GB internet 4G in Saudi Arabia


Time to time, Mobily comes up with great offer. In past they has offered free calling minutes, SMS and internet bundles on recharge but recently they have announced most excited offer for their customers. They are offering 100GB 4G internet for free on the recharge of their 10Gb package.


This offer of free 4G is valid for everyone. All you need to follow the following direction to enjoy free 10GB internet on your Mobily.

To get this offer of free 100GB from Mobily, all you need to recharge your line with 10GB data voucher and consume 10GB in first 30 days. Your will be given free of cost extra 90GB once you used 10GB within 30 days of the date of your recharge.

Mobily Offer Free 100 GB internet 4G in Saudi Arabia


Make sure to use free 90GB within 90 days because after that, this offer will be expired.

Where to get 10GB data vouchers of Mobily

You can get 10GB data vouchers from any Mobily outlet or from their authorized dealers all around the Kingdom.

The price for 10GB internet packageis only SR 90 per month. If you dont have 10GB yet then at first you need to pay installation fee also. The details about Data SIM, 45G USB, router, Wi-Fi is mentioned below:

10GB connection prices by Mobily:

  • Data Sim cost SR 270 for 3 months
  • 4G USD cost SR 370 for 3 months
  • 4G Router cost SR 480 for 3 months
  • 4G Mini WiFi cost SR 450 for 3 months
  • 4G Mini WiFi with big battery cost SR 500 for 3 months

for more information visit mobily website

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