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Huroob Expats Banned to Enter in Saudi Arabia


There are hundred thousands of illegal expats are living in Saudi Arabia. Some of them came through illegal way to find work where some of these expats came on Umrah and Hajj visa and stay in Saudi Arabia illegally. There are strict law in Saudi Arabia regarding to these illegal expats which includes sending them back to their country and banned them to enter in Saudi Arabia in future. see also : How to Find Current Kafeel/ Sponsor in Saudi Arabia


Other than above, Huroob expats are now also banned by government to enter in Saudi Arabia. Huroob expats are those who are working in Saudi Arabia without any sponsor. check also : How to Check How Many SIM Registered on Your Iqama

Huroob Expats Banned to Enter in Saudi Arabia


Although those expats who ran away from from kafeel also called huroob in Saudi Arabia. As per new law of Saudi Arabia, the government has banned huroob expats to enter in Saudi Arabia again. check also : How to Check Iqama Status Nitaqat (Red Green Yellow)

Those expats who run away from their sponsor will also liable to pay fine of SR 100,000 including deportation. In past, a huroob can be enter in Saudi Arabia after specific numbers of year ban but now this ban has been extend to lifetime which means that if you has been deport to you country under huroob category when you won’t be allowed to enter in Saudi Arabia again. see also : How to Check Final Exit Visa of Saudi Arabia

The reason behind this new law is due to increase in illegal expats in Saudi Arabia. Last year 480,000 expatriates has been send back to their countries including more than 16,000 local citizens has been fined for helping these illegal expats to live in Kingdom.

Those local citizens of Saudi Arabia who are helping these expatriates to live in Saudi Arabia illegally will be also fine up to SR 10,000 including jail of 2 years. Although if you have hired someone for work without having proper working visa then the employer will be also banned to recruit any more worker for next five years.for more visa guide check here.

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