Saudi Arabia Increased Visit Visa Fee up to 2000/SR


Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Labour has announced major changes in immigration charges. The purpose of the new visa and immigration fee is to protect the labour market of Saudi Arabia and increase government revenue from immigration.


But unfortunately, these major changes and increase in visa fee will also effect the people who are coming to Saudi Arabia for umrah and Hajj purposes because the “new visa fee in Saudi Arabia” will be charged to any person who are even coming on one time entry visa as well.

Saudi Arabia Increased Visit Visa Fee


Although, if you are “visiting Saudi Arabia” for business or study visa, or family visit, then you will be also get effected by the new visa fees.

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The new visa fees will be effected by 2 October 2016 which is also 1st Hijri 1438 in Saudi Arabia. The details of increase in visa application fees is mentioned below:

Increase in Hajj and Umrah Fees in Saudi Arabia

Other than Umrah and Hajj fee, you need to pay 2000/SR per person if you are coming for Hajj and Umrah purpose. For people who are coming first time for Umrah and Hajj purpose, the government of Saudi Arabia will bear this fee but for the second time, the individuals has to pay their own 2000/SR visa fee.

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Single Entry Visit Visa Fees in Saudi Arabia

The single entry visit visa fee has been increased to 2000/SR. This visit could be for any purpose including working and business visa etc. Every one has to pay this fee.

Multiple-entry visit visa Fees in Saudi Arabia

For fix month multiple entry visit visa, you need to pay 3,000/SR in which you may have as many as visit to Saudi Arabia. There is no restriction on number of visits. Where the fee for one year multiple entry visit visa if 5000/SR and 8000/SR for two years.

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Transit visa fees in Saudi Arabia

The transit visit visa fee in Saudi Arabia has increased up to 300/SR on all international airports. re-commanded : Family Visa in Saudi Arabia, 200+ Professions Eligible

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