Indigo Beach Jeddah North Obhur, Saudi Arabia – Beach in Jeddah for Foreigners


If you are looking for some of the socializing resorts and beaches then this Indigo beach Jeddah is the one for you! It is the most recommended and too the suggested one resort if you want to socialize with your friends and buddies. If you want to have the views of sunsets, if you want to do the surfing then this one is the best and most remarkable looking resort located in Jeddah.


It is a resort beach where you can socialize with your buddies and friends. If one will start shortlisting the beaches and resorts located in Jeddah then this “Indigo beach Jeddah” will always come on the top spot. Here, you will get the in depth details about this beach resort.

Indigo Beach Jeddah North Obhur, Saudi Arabia


If you are getting your vacations and you want to spend this vacation time of yours on some beach and exotic looking resort then we will recommend you this Indigo beach Jeddah. Check out and read below more of the details about this resort and stay connected with us:

Why Should You Visit This Indigo beach Jeddah?

  • You should be visiting this luxurious looking beach resort because it is one of the real and actual beaches located in Jeddah. Yes, it is a real beach in Jeddah as it is encompassed and covered with the sand beaches.
  • This beach comes with a shore line so that you can have a walk along. It is a real one sandy beach, it has a massive looking swimming area. If you want your kids to play in this sandy beach then do not go to any other beach and do consider this beach resort all the time. You will be loving its swimming area, you will have separate swimming areas for the kids, ladies and for men.
  • By entering into this beach, you will see a real one international standard. You will get this feeling that as if you are in the Europe beach. If you are a resident of Jeddah and you want to get this feeling that you have entered in some Western beach then this Indigo beach Jeddah can give you this feeling.

Indigo beach Jeddah has Vana Restaurant As Well

  • If you check out this beach resort then you should also try its Vana Restaurant. This Restaurant has now become one of the coolest running so far in this subjected resort. As this beach resort is tucked and located away in Obhur. It has now become the most popular Jeddah beach resort.
  • This beach carries that factor of exclusiveness in it, this resort has that element of gorgeousness in it. It is too because of this Vana restaurant that the worth and repute of this beach is getting higher and higher.
  • It is a must for each and every beach resort that they should have some nice restaurants inducted in it and among them we have this VANA restaurant and you should try it out. Right here at this beachy cafe, you will be having this fusion of Indonesian food, you will get to have the magical view of this infinity pool and also the view of the Red Sea.
  • From this Vana restaurant which is in this Indigo beach Jeddah, you should try its blue syrup which is in their menu! You will love its taste. You should also try their Wild Rocket Salad and too Pomegranate vinaigrette dressing. Do try their Spring Rolls and their salads. In their salads, they make use of spinach and too arugula.

Indigo beach Jeddah Offers Best Food Items

  • If you ever visit this beach resort then you should try their Fried Calamari, you will too love their Rigatoni Crema and also Chicken Burrito. Their Spring Rolls and also their Calamari have been loved by their guests.
  • If we talk about the taste level of their Chicken Burrito then it is exceptional. From this beach resort, you will get the most tasty and most delicious in taste Mexican and too Tex-Mex food.
  • This Indigo beach Jeddah can offer you the best Rigatoni Crema pasta, do try their mushroom and also cream sauce, they are perfect. Their Beef Satay that comes with a peanut sauce, it is finger licking.
  • Try their Asian coleslaw and also Fried Rice. This beach too offers Vana Burger and too Halloum Sandwich.

Do Visit This Indigo beach Jeddah

  • If you are a food lover, if you are a nature lover then all of these aspects are present in this Indigo beach Jeddah. Yes, this beach resort can give you the most appetizing food, it can give and offer you the most delicious drinks.
  • If you want to adore and praise the nature, if you want to have a relaxing and no disturbing spot then this is the right one beach for you. We are sure that once you will enter into this beach and resort, you will forget about the crowded city. It is a peaceful and a most calm site in the city of Jeddah.
  • If some holidays and vacations are coming at your end and you want to spend in the best way you can then this beach an resort is most recommended for you. Try this site, you will say thank you to us all the time.

Indigo beach Jeddah Address, Map, Location

Address: Obhur Branch, Al-Zumorrud, Jeddah 23822
Phone: 056 699 1663

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Indigo beach Jeddah Photos


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This is all about the “Indigo beach Jeddah”. We are sure that after reading all of the above mentioned qualities of this beach, you must have fallen in love with it. It is a superb place, it is one of the gorgeous and most exotic beaches so far. Spend some time of your lives in this beach and you will remember this time forever and ever.

Do visit this beach and share your most cherished memories with us. If we will get to know about other fascinating and magical looking resorts then we will also be sharing the details with you. You will love this Indigo beach Jeddah and we can give you the guarantee for that. It is the time to have a beach time.

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