Intercontinental Beach Jeddah – Best Beach for Foreigners in Saudi Arabia


Right through this post we would be giving you complete details about the “Intercontinental beach Jeddah” place. Jeddah is no doubt one of the best destinations in the whole world that is famous known for its resorts. On each single corner of the place of Jeddah you would be finding so many resorts and hotels who are coming ahead to be best with their services. see also : Mövenpick Resort Al Nawras – Best Private Island in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


In all such resorts we would bring you up with the name of Intercontinental beach Jeddah. From here, you will get the complete information and also a detailed information about Intercontinental Beach Jeddah.

Intercontinental Beach Jeddah - Best Beach for Foreigners in Saudi Arabia


You will love this beach for sure, it is a charismatic beach. You will like it a lot, to know more about this beach and to get to know the facts and important highlights of this beach, here is this beach for you. Check out and read the information and you will admire and praise the qualities and highlights of this beach. check also : Fal Beach Resort – Best Beach Resorts in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Intercontinental Beach Jeddah

All About Intercontinental Beach Jeddah

Intercontinental beach Jeddah is one of the top most leading and best resort places in the Jeddah. Once you will visit this resort you would love visiting it again and again and again. This resort place has been equipped with all the best services which you want to have to give your trip with the comfortable modes. Best services are always waiting for you to serve you at the best. So, if you want to enjoy all of these services, if you want to enjoy the aroma and ambiance of this beach at its fullest then here is this beach all waiting for you, you should not waste time now. Get up and hurry up, just pack your bags and this beach will all make your memories a special one.

Location of Intercontinental Beach Jeddah:

Intercontinental beach Jeddah is located as North of the Creek (“Obhur”) that is approximately 32 km north of Jeddah (GPS: N21°43.110′, E39°04.889′). It is about a 3-minute walk from the Red Sea and is about 8 km from the bazaar in Al-Balad, and 14 km from King Fahd’s Fountain. We have given you the detailed address of this beach, from this address, it will be easier and quite and much convenient for you to locate and find this beach.

Address: Al-Shate’a, Al Hamra Corniche, Jeddah
Phone:012 229 5555

Details About Entry Fee of Intercontinental Beach Jeddah :

For entering the resort on Thursday and Friday the cost is 60,- SR and for Saturday to Wednesday the cost is 40,- SR. The opening hours schedule of Intercontinental beach Jeddah is Thu, Fri 8am-7pm and hence rest of the week 8am – 5pm. As you can see at the ticket price and rates that this beach entrance ticket is not at all an expensive one. You can easily get an entry into this beach by paying too much little. check also : Obhur Beach Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – Enjoy your Weekend with your Family

List of Jeddah Beach Resorts :

Intercontinental Beach Jeddah Photos


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Main Facilities of Intercontinental Beach Jeddah:

  • The resort would be making you offer with the services of the dive desert seat that is open for the time duration of 9am – 5pm. Do you want to have the diving experience of this beach? If yes then do not waste any further time now. Get up from your sofa sets and have this diving experience. You will love this experience of your life and will make this wish all the time to visit this Intercontinental beach Jeddah again an again.
  • It do make you offer with the restaurant/BBQ as main courses SR 20 – 50 that are open in the days of Thursday/Friday. Their BBQ menu is just amazing and finger licking, you will like the restaurant menu of this beach.
  • You can get closer with the services of the coffee shops that is opened the whole week days. Have the coffee time with your buddies, get some time out from your busy lives and you will be relaxed.
  • The resort would also provide you with the services of the push trolleys to transport equipment to the end of the jetty. Now, you do not have to carry your luggage and you will not face any kind of difficulty. Just make use of these push trolleys and have your luggage to be carried out on its own.
    There are also beach cabins that are all accessible at the rent. You will love their beach cabins, they are for their couples and all the couples will have complete privacy in these beach cabins.
  • Plus they do provide the sun shelters for up to 3-4 persons each.
  • It do has the parking car service inside.
  • In the sea area you would be witnessing so many types of fishes such as Anthias, Sergeant Scissortail, Cornetfish, various Butterflyfish, Turkeyfish, Scorpionfish, Unicornfish, Sohal, Titan & Yellowmargin Triggerfish, Peacock & Coral Grouper, Goatfish, Clownfish in Sea Anemones, Parrotfish.
  • As you would be traveling into this resort you would be finding so many services at the best level that would be making you to fall in love with this resort. You would be capturing all the rooms to be furnished in amazing way with the access of the free Wi Fi service in all the rooms. It is located at the beautiful surrounding site with the fresh atmosphere coming all around you.

Dining Restaurant Services of Intercontinental Beach Jeddah:

Inside the resort you would also be finding the international restaurant and a Brazilian grill. It is accompanied with the attractive tea lounge, and a chic alcohol-free cafe/bar all by the side of the outdoor pool. It would also be making you offer with the facilities of the spa and a fitness center along with the 9 meeting rooms and a 24-hour business center. check also : Most Popular Saudi Arabian Foods – You Must Eat


The minute you visit this Intercontinental Beach Jeddah, you have to give your rating and your comments to us. It is one of the most liked and too loved beaches, you will love this entire beach. If more of the magical and tempting looking beaches details will be grabbed by us, we will let you know. Enjoy visiting this beach and stay in touch with us.

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