16+ Best International Schools in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Jeddah is the heart of Saudi Arabia. When an expatriate comes to Jeddah for the purpose of work, his family comes with him. One of the most difficulty they face is the best school for their kids. Expatriates looks for International Schools because local school are in Arabic language. Many international schools are currently working in Saudi Arabia.


Some of them are private while some are opened by the embassies of different countries. Today, we will help you in finding the school for your kids. We will give you their address and phone number which will help you a lot. Our list includes the “best international schools working in Jeddah”.

16+ Best International Schools in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


If this list won’t help you then tell us about this so we could tell the most appropriate solution. So lets start the list. see also : Labor Laws of Leaves or Vacations in Saudi Arabia

1. Advance Generation School

Advance Generation School is the member of Council of International Schools. It has different campuses for boys and girls. School has air conditioned rooms and classes. It has wonderful playing fields, swimming pools, Gymnasium and many other facilities for students. It has a strength of more than 1500 students.

Website: www.ags.edu.sa

Address: An Naim, Jeddah 23621, Saudi Arabia


2. Al Corniche International School

Al Corniche International School was founded in 2006. From them Al Corniche International School is serving hundreds of students with its top quality study. Al Corniche International School os affiliated with Cambridge examination systems and has British curriculum. The main aim of school is to provide International level education to students embedded with the Islamic Values.

Website: http://www.alcorniche-schools.com/

Address: Taja Al Rowasa Street, Al Safa District Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 54 692 1872ac_sb

3. DPS Al Falah International School

Al Falah International School Jeddah was founded in 2004 by Dehli Public School. The area of the school has been spread into 1.5 acres. It has air conditioned class room, indoor games halls, gymnasium and health and medical checkup facilities for students. It is among the best International Schools working in Saudi Arabia.

Website: http://www.dpsjeddah.com/

Address: Old Okaz Building, Al Rehab Dist., Jeddah 21523

Phone: +966 12 6754400


4.Alwadi International School

Alwadi International School start working in Jeddah on 1st August 1998. Its old name was Academic International School. Many abroad students are gaining knowledge from Alwadi International School. School has 4 computer labs, 3 Science labs, 4 projector rooms, cafeteria and medical and transport facilities for students.

Website: http://www.alwadischool.org/

Address: 4766 Ali Al Ihsai, Al Faisaliyah District, Jeddah 23447

Phone: +966 57 698 3444alwadi_sb

5. Al Waha International School

Al Waha International School is one of the most successful international school working in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It has received 15+ awards of distinction from the Cambridge University. School has British Curriculum. Al Waha International School was established in 1993. More than 1000 students are studying in “Al Waha International School” from 25 nationalities.

Website: http://www.alwahaschool.com/

Address: Bani Malyan, Al-Rehab, Jeddah 23345

Phone: +966 56 145 8715alwaha_sb

6. Yusr International School

Yusr International School was founded in 2007. From then Yusr International School is giving competition to famous international school that are working in Saudi Arabia. It is registered by the Ministry of Education Saudi Arabia. More than 2000 students now are studying in Saudi Arabia including expatriate and local residents. School offers many facilities to its students in which education is at the top.

Website: http://www.yusr.edu.sa/

Address: King Abdulaziz Branch Rd, Al Nahdah, Jeddah 23614

Phone: +966 12 699 4640


7. American International School Of Jeddah

American International School Of Jeddah was founded in 1952 and is one of the oldest International School in Saudi Arabia. The school has over 1200 students. It has been officially registered by the Saudi Ministry of Education. The school has a lot of playing fields, computer labs, science labs, beautiful classroom, neat and clean cafeteria, medical facilities and many other facilities. Development of its new campus is in progress and will be open in 2018-19.

Website: http://aisj.edu.sa/

Address: Abdullah Ibn Sidan, Al-Zahra’a, Jeddah 23522

Phone: +966 12 662 0051asij_sb

8. Dar Jana International School

Dar Jana International School follows American curriculum. It was founded in 1998. Dar Jana International School has very pleasant environment for students. Dar Jana International School has very comfortable classrooms for students, huge playing fields, medical facilities etc. The aim of Dar Jana International School is to provide high standard of education to its students.

Website: http://djis.edu.sa/

Address: Ibn Zaydun, Al-Rawdah, Alkayal Str, Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 4 455 5555


9. Future Generation International School

Future Generation International School was founded in 2009 and follows British curriculum. Mission of Future Generation School is to serve all those who look for quality education and ideal up bringing of their offspring, instilled with all moral and ethical values, so as to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Future Generation International School is developing its name rapidly.

Website: http://www.fgischool.com/

Address: Al Fayha’ Dist, Old Airport Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 12 630 4999


10. Global International School

Global International School was founded in 2000 and from then Global International School is delivering high quality education to the students. It has a strength of over 2000 students and 400 employees including teachers. From its birth Global International School has achieved a lot in the industry of Education Management.

Website: http://www.gis.sch.sa

Address: Fayd Ar Rida, Al-Ruwais, Jeddah 23213

Phone: +966 12 652 3444gis_sb

11. Green Hills International School

 Green Hills International School Jeddah was founded in 1999. School has 2 campuses; one for boys and one for girls. The school is owned by Ma’arif. Green Hills International School is completely English medium ans follows British curriculum. The school has a capacity of about 2000 students.

Website: https://greenhills.maarif.com.sa

Address: 118707 Jeddah 21312 Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 12 6063959


12. International Indian School Jeddah

International Indian School Jeddah is opened by the embassy of India for the children of expatriates from India. It was founded in 1969 with separate campuses for boys and girls. The school has been affiliated with Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. The school has the capacity of over 12,000 students. If you are from India then you should admit your child to this school.

Website: http://www.iisjed.com/

Address: Sulayyman Al Baji, Al Aziziyah, Jeddah 23342

Phone: +966 53 716 0400


13. Jeddah Knowledge International School

Jeddah Knowledge International School was established in 1996. It is one of the top International schools operating in Saudi Arabia with its high quality education standard. The School is the member of Council of International Schools (CIS) and follows British curriculum.

Website: http://www.jks.edu.sa/

Address: 7161 Muhammad Masud, As Salamah, Jeddah 23525

Phone: +966 12 256 8231


14. Pakistan International School

Pakistan International School is opened by Pakistan embassy in 1959. Its old name was Pakistan Embassy School but later it has been changed to Pakistan International School. More than 8000 students and 325 staffs members are the part of this school. It has separate campuses for boys and girls. It is one of the best and oldest international school in country. The school is affiliated with Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Pakistan (FBISE). With high quality education it also offer sports facilities to its students. If you are a Pakistani then you should admit your child to Pakistan International School.

Website: http://www.pisj.sch.sa/

Address: Tajad Din Al Malki Street, Al Aziziyah Jeddah 23342

Phone: +966 12 672 3847


15. Talal International School

Talal International School was founded in 2004. Students from over 20 nationalities are the part of Talal International School. The secret behind the success of Talal International School is their high quality education and talented staff members. Over 1000 students are the part of Talal International School.

Website: http://www.talalschool.com/

Address: Ar Ruwaidat, Al-Baghdadiyah Al-Sharqiyah, Jeddah 22235

Phone: +966 12 604 0027


16. Al Wurood International School

Al Wurood International School was established in 1999. The School is owned by Peevees Group and is affiliated with Central Board of Secondary education, New Delhi, India.

Website: http://www.alwuroodschool.org/

Address: Palestine Street , Behind  Nigerian Consulate

Phone: +966 12 6720999


We hope our list has helped you a lot and you have find a school for you child. You can contact them by phone numbers we have given or you can visit their admission office. You can also contact them from website.

If you find any other difficulty then tell us about this, we will try our best to help you. Meanwhile, Also have a look at our other articles too. If you find this article useful then please share it with your friends and family too, it may also help them.

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