How to get New Iqama if your Iqama Lost or Stolen?


If you have lost your Iqama (Muqeem ID card) then no need to be worried about or get panic but make sure to take instant step to recover it or get the new one because losing the Iqama can cause you very serious problem.


How to get New Iqama if your Iqama Lost or Stolen?


Following is the procedure to apply for lost Iqama, details about lost Iqama fee and how to obtain a new Iqama with the help of you Kafeel or employer.

Step 1: Try to find it your place

Before you doing anything, make sure to check twice all the places to find your Iqama.

Step 2: Report to your sponsor

Report about this to your sponsor as soon as possible. You could be penalize if you did not report with in 24 hours.

Step 3: Report to Police in Arabic

Report to police that you have “lost your Iqama” with the help of person who deal with these issues within your company. The report should be written in Arabic and mention the detail about it, for example, how did you lost and where did you lost your Iqama etc. Make sure to ask your Kafeel to write this report on the paper which has company logo letterhead singed by Chamber of Commerce. You did not required to signed this report by Chamber of Commerce if you are employee in public sector.

Step 4: Fees for the Loss of the Iqama

  • Fee for the first time SR1000
  • Fee for the second time SR2000
  • Fee for the thirds time SR3000
  • You need to pay SR650 extra is your Iqama period is less than 1 year. For example if you lost your Iqama first time and its period is less than 1 year, then you will pay SR1650.

Step 5: Visit Jawazat for new Iqama

Your sponsor will visit or ask a person to visit Jawazat with report note, copy of your lost Iqama, passport copy, payment proof and two photographs and fill the form at Jawazat.

Step 6: Get new Iqama on same day

You will get a hard copy of your Iqama on same day or it may take up to 3 days.

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