Islamic Calendar 2017 / Hijri Calendar 1438 Saudi Arabia – Free Download


Unlike other Muslim countries, in Saudi Arabia, we follows the Hijri calendar. Events, festivals and holidays are also being mentioned in Hijri dates in Saudi Arabia because Saudi Arabia is the land from where the first Hirji calendar has been designed on the bases of moon life.


Unlike English calendar 2017, the Hijri calendar 1438 is based on the visibility of moon and it has been predicted in advance every year.

Islamic Calendar 2017 / Hijri Calendar 1438 Saudi Arabia - Free Download


That’s why, there could be the difference of dates from the Hijri calendar 1438 to the original dates. But usually the predictions are correct and there is no need to get or download new Hijri calendar.

There are just few more hours left and we will have our new Hijri 1438 year which will be starts from 2 October and continue in the year 2017. So, if you are looking to “download Islamic calendar 2017” or “Hijri calendar 1438” then you should check the rest of the post because we have the free download link for Islamic calendar 2017 and Hijri calendar 1438.

Download Islamic Calendar 2017

Instead of just designing Hijri calendar with simple dates and day, our designers has designed the Islamic calendar along with Gregorian dates (English calendar dates) so that every person who is even not aware about Hijri date can follow this calendar easily. We have also mentioned the important Islamic events in the Islamic calendar to make it more relevant to the people living in Muslim world as there are usually holidays on days when important Islamic events has been occurred.

Download Hijri Calendar 1438

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