Jeddah Flagpole – Tallest Flagpole in the World


Jeddah Flagpole is known out to be one of the most famous flagpole that is located in the place of the King Abdullah Square as in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It is identified out to be the tallest flagpole in the world since the year 2014.


This flagpole was hence inaugurated on the event of the National Day of Saudi Arabia 23 September 2014. For the readers, it is to be mentioned that this flagpole is about 170 meters (560 ft) high.



This flagpole amazing tall height has definitely break the records of so many more tallest flagpole in the world including with the names of Dushanbe Flagpole in Tajikistan that is 165 meters (541 ft) tall all long with the 162-meter (531 ft) National Flagpole in the place of Azerbaijan in addition with the 160-meter (520 ft) Panmunjom Flagpole of Kijŏng-dong in the place of North Korea.

Wolds Tallest Flagpoles in Saudi Arabia

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Details About Location of Jeddah Flagpole: (Saudi Flag Roundabout)

Now let’s talk about the location of this amazing Jedah Flagpole! Jeddah Flagpole is located as in the place of the center of King Abdullah Square as it confronts Jeddah North Corniche. This flagpole has been all said to be beautifully surrounded with the 13 special lights that is all representing with the 13 governorates of the place of Saudi Arabia.

Main Construction Features To Know About Jeddah Flagpole:

The construction of this flagpole was hence started in the year 2014 in the month of September. It was started off by the supervision of the “Abdul Latif Jameel Community Initiative” as in association by the means of Al-Babtain power & telecommunication Co. Furthermore, this flagpole is all constructed with the 500 tons of steel and is cylindrical in shape. The flagpole is 170 m (558 ft) in the tall height. It has the weight of about 570 kg (1,260 lb).


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Jeddah Flagpole Photos


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Interesting Facts About World’s “Tallest Jeddah Flagpole in Saudi Arabia”

Fact No 1:

This flagpole is presently known out to be the tallest flagpole that is existing in the world. This flagpole is about One hundred and seventy meters high upholding the Saudi Arabian national flag.

Fact No 2:

This flagpole height has beaten up with the last record set in Tajikistan by merely eight meters. This is quite interesting to listen out!

Fact No 3:

At the time of the construction, this flagpole has to undergo with so many hurdles including with the high winds. Plus, the location of this flagpole was said to be in the seismic zone that lead to so many issues related with its construction.

Fact No 4:

This flagpole came into the existence in the three stages in which the first stage was all based in the set up of the base with the creation of a twenty eight meter picket. The second stage was all based on top of the working on the base which was Octagonal as all added with the total length of sixteen meters in addition to the total base area of Two hundred and fifteen meters. The third and last stage of the construction was all about the vertical column that was hence created with the nearly fifteen tons of Iron.

Fact No 5:

This brilliant flagpole has been all set up on the place of the Tariq bin Ziyad Roundabout just as at the western end of King Abdullah Road just near the beginning of King AbdulAziz Street.

Fact No 6:

This whole flagpole has been included inside with the creative art work concepts of the automatic hoisting system all along with the cameras as well as instruments measuring wind speed and yet with the stunning lighting system that are especially used on some of the special occasions of the Jeddah City.

Fact No 7:

The flagpole is used for the Saudi Flag only that is flying with the weight of nearly Five hundred and seventy kilograms.

Jeddah Flagpole Guinness Wold Record Certificate


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Jeddah Flagpole Video

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So this was the overall discussion behind the Jeddah Flagpole in Saudi Arabia. If you are soon going to visit Jeddah then be sure that you do not miss the best chance to catch this amazing Jeddah flagpole from your eye view.

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