Jeddah “Largest Drinking Water Storage Facility” Guinness World Record


Saudi Arabia has made another Guinness World Record of world largest drinking water storage facility in Briman, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This record has been made by National Water Company of Saudi Arabia. This storage will provide drinking water to million of people living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia because it has capacity of 2.064 million cubic meters.


As a Saudi, you probably know that we have the land which is full with many natural resources like oil, and gold etc but on the same time, Saudi Arabia is running our of water for drinking.



Due to excess amount of oil and other oil related minerals, the natural water of Saudi Arabia’s land is not clean enough to drink.

Although the water got mixed with oil due to which the taste and smell of drinking water in Saudi Arabia is not healthy to drink. To minimize this problem in future, this drinking water storage was necessary to build.


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As per the CEO of National Water Company, this water storage will not only provide drinking water to people but this will also improve the potable water and the sewage networks. This project is also supported by the Emir of Makkah and the Minister of Water and Electricity of Saudi Arabia.


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The total number of storage tank which has been build under this projects is 11. Each of them has capacity to store 187,500 cubic meters of water. The first phase of this project cost SR740 million where the third and last phase will cost total SR824 million.

Other than Guinness World Record, this largest drinking water storage facility of world is a great news for people living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia as the country is already suffering from water crises where this project will reduce water crises in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

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