Do You Know About Jeddahs Old Wall and Popular Gates


Have you ever thought about getting into the detail discussion about the Jeddahs old wall and popular gates? If you ever have been to the place of Jeddah you would be finding so many gates and old walls that would make you feel that Jeddah is beautiful.


Do You Know About Jeddahs Old Wall and Popular Gates


The main wall that is surrounded by Jeddah was built by Hussain Al-Kurdi just for the reason that he wanted to secure the Red Sea from the attacks by the Portuguese. This wall has been set with the two doors that is all facing as one on the side facing Makkah and the second door is facing the sea. It is also said that the wall had six towers and is also consisted of six doors named as:

  1. Bab Makkah
  2. Bab Al-Medina
  3. Bab Shareef
  4. Bab Jadeed
  5. Bab Al-Bantt
  6. Bab Al-Magharba

Now the new door is also being included just as at the start of the century which was called Bab Al-Subba. As you would be catching each one of the doors you would be viewing that each one of them has some sort of historical background and story. They are beautifully crafted in the architecture designing with the implications of the historic form of the sculptures on it.

Do You Know About Jeddahs Old Wall and Popular Gates

So this was the overall small review behind the Jeddah old wall and popular gates! If you are much anxious to know more about these gates and doors then we would suggest you to visit Jeddah now and explore these interesting doors yourself!

Bab Makkah

Bab Makkah is known out to be one of the most important and eight doors of Jeddah’s historic wall. In simple, it is also known by the name of the eastern gate of the city. It is located in front of the Bedouin market and is all extending to the side of the Haraj markets outside the wall. For the very first time this door was used for the funerals going to Al-Asad Cemetery outside the walled city.


Bab Al-Bantt

Bab Al-Bantt is a famous and well known hotels situated in the place of Jeddah. This hotel place is a 5 star hotel that is all set with the lounge along with terrace and main services of the guests. It is designed overall in the ravishing designs and historical form of the architecture that had definitely add up the beauty of Jeddah for sure.

Bab Al-Magharba

This gate that is known by the name of Bab Al-Magharba is known out to be the original gates of the Jerusalem Wall. It has been all originated from the tower that was built in 1540 AD / 947 H. It was afterwards expanded in the gate form as in 1953 AD. This door was build for the purpose of the movement of cars and to facilitate the passage of those living near the Old City.

Bab Al-Medina

Bab Al-Madina is located a the 10-minute drive from the centre of Fès. It is offering with its coming visitors wll with the 24-hour reception along with a terrace and a restaurant. The train station is about at the distance of 7 km away. All the rooms in the Bab Al-Madina are equipped with the services of being air conditioned along with the services of wardrobe and safety deposit box.


Bab Jadeed

Bab Jadid is a door in Jeddah that is much similar with the Bab al-Magharibah. The opening of this door was turned into the gate in the year 1899 in the era of Sultan Abdel Hamid. This gate is also sometimes known by the name of Bab Abdel Hamid. It was basically build for the purpose to ease up the movement of residents of the northwest part of the Old City.

Bab Jadeed jeddah saudi arabia

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Bab Shareef

Bab Shareef is one of the most important doors of the Jeddah place. This door was a gate but then it was transformed into the shape of the gate. This gate is all accompanied with the wholesale market that is the main attraction of the Bab Shareef. It is a large gate or door that is completely surrounded by the markets.

Bab Shareef jeddah

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