La Fontaine Obhur Beach Resort, Jeddah Saudi Arabia


If you are unaware and does know about the complete details and information about this La Fontaine Obhur Beach Resort then here you are. Through this page, you will get the complete information about all of the beaches and resorts which are right now situated in Jeddah.


If you love to spend your time in beaches and resorts then we will surely recommend and suggest you this beach resort. This resort is located right 5 km from the Jeddah Tower. Now, let us all check out about the special qualities, about the main features line, their positive points of this “La Fontaine Obhur Beach Resort”.

La Fontaine Obhur Beach Resort, Jeddah Saudi Arabia


All about La Fontaine Obhur Beach Resort

It is a casual sort of beachfront resort. For the information, the location of this beach resort is 10 km right from Red Sea Marina. You can also assess this beach resort right by travelling 14 km from this Al Qalzam Fisheries restaurant.

Yes, the location and address of this beach resort is quite an easier. If your friends or your family is making plans to have a tour of some beaches and resorts then you should not miss out this place. It is a casual looking and too a simple looking resort but it is this simplicity factor of this resort that you will love much about it.

This resort is one of the most liked and too one of the most loved sites in the city of Jeddah. If you love to spend your weekend times, if you want to spend your free time in a best way then this beach resort can help you out in this aspect.

List of Jeddah Beach Resorts :

Features Of La Fontaine Obhur Beach Resort

If you will be making a stay on this La Fontaine Obhur Beach Resort then you will most likely be staying in the straightforward looking 2-bedroom apartments. You will have the sea views. So keep in mind that these 2 bedroom apartments are for the smaller families. These apartments comes will less facilities.

This beach resort comes with offered kitchens. You can have your stay in the lounges and you will be given services of satellite TV as well. In these lounge areas, your kids and also the elder people can sit an relax, they can watch TV over here.

You can too make your stay and residing in the upgraded apartments. You should know that all of these upgraded apartments comes with 4 bedrooms. These big apartments also have 5 bathrooms and they comes with a maid service. So if you have a big family, if you have large and massive bunch of friends who are out on this beach resort tour then you should be booking these upgraded apartment. For the couples and for the small family, they should be making a reservation of these 2 bedroom apartments.

If you will book and reserve these upgraded apartments then you can enjoy the High-speed and usage of Internet. This service will be available 24-hours right in your room.

This La Fontaine Obhur Beach Resort comes with wide in number of amenities, you can sit in their cafe. They have also a private beach so for all of the newly wed couples, for the partners and for the loving couples, they can have their time in these private beaches. If you want to arrange some event in this private beach then you can also so that. see also : 10 Top Guinness World Records in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

This beach resort also consist of outdoor swimming pools. These pools are for both adults and too for the children. You will be having free parking.

Why Should You Visit this La Fontaine Obhur Beach Resort?

This La Fontaine Obhur Beach Resort is for ladies and kids, men and older people. For the ladies, that can also enjoy their separate pools. At times, we have seen that girls make a plan, they make theirselves out for a tour but they fail to find that resort and beach for their selves that comes with separate pool facilities. So this beach and resort is right in front of you.

Especially for the ladies and for the girls, this La Fontaine Obhur Beach Resort is for you because separate pools are here for you and you can enjoy your pool time, you can have your beach time in any way you want to.

This beach resort has a maid service as well. We have seen that at times bigger families face problem of managing their kids and chores. So this maid service can help you out. If you will book the 4 bedroom apartments then this maid service will be managing and handling all of your tasks.

La Fontaine Obhur Beach Resort Is A Must Visit Place in Jeddah

is a must place to be visited by you. It is a fact that very few of the cities and countries in this world can give you the best one beaches and resorts look and among them we have this best one La Fontaine Obhur Beach Resort. You should try this place and then tell us that how much you have rated and given stars to this resort. If we will come across and get to know more about the magical and exotic looking beaches and resorts then we will also share the details with you. Do visit this resort and beach, you will like its ambiance as it is the perfect one family and friends place.check also : 11 Best & Top Places to visit in Jeddah

Map & Location

Address: Obhur Al-Shamaliyah, 7321 اللؤلؤ، Northern Abhor beside Umm Bandar Masjid ابحر بجوار مسجد ام بندر، في رايغ خارج جده23821, Jeddah

Phone:053 459 9750

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So all the Jeddah people out there, if you are getting bored in your home place and you need some refreshment in your lives then this resort can give you that refreshment. Come out from your bored lives and do visit this place, you will love and like each and every thing about it. Make your lives excited enough now and start spending some time on these beaches and resorts. You will for sure feel relaxed and fresh enough. Time to pack your bags and stuff and take a tour of this beach resort.

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