Learn Arabic Online Free with Simple and Easy Lessons (Part 1)

Arabic Food Vocabulary


Arabic is the official and national language of Saudi Arabia. If you are coming to Saudi Arabia for business, job or education purpose then it is mandatory to learn Arabic even if it is not required in visa. Because majority of Saudi Arabians speaks Arabic while the second languages like English, Urdu and Hindi has been spoken by very limited people. So, to survive in Saudi Arabia, you must learn Arabic language.


Learn Arabic Online Free with Simple and Easy Lessons (Part 1)


Sure, there are many institutes all around the world from where you can learn Arabic language online in both free and paid way. But the purpose of creating this free course to learn Arabic language is to give idea to those who are currently learning Arabic language. Instead of starting from very beginning, we will teach you some advance words of Arabic.

This free course of Arabic language is not designed for everyone but only for those who can read Arabic. There are many countries all around the world where the languages like Arabic has been spoken and written. For example, a person who speaks Urdu, Persian, Pashto, Afghani, Hindi, Bengali and those people who can read holy Quran, can learn Arabic very fast through our “free course of Arabic language”.

Our first lecture of Arabic language consists of those words which are related to food. Instead of writing about all the Arabic food vocabulary in our first lecture of “learn Arabic free”, we have added only those important words which has been used more often.

Instead of going through to our all learn Arabic online free course at once, we highly suggest you to take one course once in a week or maximum-3 in a week. This will help you to learn Arabic in much easy way while you will got enough time to practice what you have learn through this Arabic online course.

Learn Arabic Online Free (Part 1)
No English Arabic English Arabic
1 Rice أرز Pepper/Chilli فلفل
2 Chicken دجاج Pineapple اناناس
3 Yogurt زبادي Strawberry فراولة
4 Apple تفاحة Sweet potato بطاطا حلوة
5 Banana موز Tomato طماطم
6 Tea شاي carrot جزر
7 Beetroot جذر الشمندر Juice عصير
8 Food طعام Milk حليب
9 coconut جوز الهند tamarind تمر هندي
10 Salt ملح Eggs بيض
11 Sugar سكر Olive oil زيت زيتون
12 thirsty عطشان Watermelon بطيخ / حبحب
13 hungry جعان / جائع Turnip فجل

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