Learn Arabic Online Free (Part 3) – Best Online Free Arabic Course


This is the third part of our Learn Arabic online series. If you have already done with Learn Arabic Online Free Part 1 and Part 2, then it is time to learn more words of Arabic to continue you learning.


This third lesson of Arabic language is the second part of our previous free Arabic lesson and contains rest of words which we spoke on daily bases. Instead of adding difficult words to learn, we have tried to come up with easy Arabic words to learn.

Learn Arabic Online Free (Part 3) - Best Online Free Arabic Course


In the following Arabic language lesson, you will see the words which describe relationships, feelings, equipment, tools, weather and also the names of buildings like hotels and airport etc. Learning the following words will help you to speak little bit more of Arabic with other people in Saudi Arabia.

It is not necessary to learn Arabic if you are coming in Saudi Arabia for tourist purpose online including Hajj and Umrah as many other languages has been spoken in Saudi Arabia, but to get job in Saudi Arabia or start a business, you must have some ability to speak, read and also write Arabic language where international students who are coming to KSA for studied purpose should know Arabic language fluently.

Make sure to not start this lesson without completing previous parts of “learn Arabic online free” series. The best way to learn these words of Arabic is to practice them with your friends and if it is possible then also write them on paper for practice.

To make this Arabic lesson easy and simple, we have divided the words into two tables with numbers so that you can set a target for daily routine to memorize limited number of Arabic words. This will make it easy for you to learn Arabic language.

Learn Arabic Online Free (Part 3)
No English Arabic English Arabic
1 Now الآن Mediam متوسط
2 Tomorrow بقرا مطلوب  Turnip فجل
3 Yesterday امس Kichen مطبخ
4 Yes نعم Cold بارد
5 No لا Hot سخن / ساخن
6 Beautiful جميل Sms رسالة
7 Night ليل Pencil قلم رصاص
8 This هذا Women امرأة / سيدة / حرمه
9 Street شارع  excellent ممتاز
10 Here هنا Child طفل
11 Hurry up سرعة/ سوره سوره Uncle خال
12 Money فلوس Anti خالة
13 Male ذكر Dad بابا/اب/والد
14 Look نظر Mom ام
15 Really Daughter بنت  message رسالة
16 there هناك Son ابن
17 Female نساء  People ناس
18 Poor مسكين  broke كسر
19 dont knock door لا تدق الباب  available يوجد / موجود
20 Car سيارة  restaurant مطعم
21 Hotel الفندق  Water ماء
22 Work شغل  Airplane طائرة

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