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As compare to our learn Arabic lessons Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3, our fourth lessons is easy to learn. We have set this lesson easy so that you don’t leave or stop learning Arabic in mid. This easy lesson of Arabic will help you to learn Arabic in more details.


Learn Arabic Online Free (Part 4) - Learn Arabic Online Free


The fourth lesson of Arabic is divided into two parts. The first part of this learn Arabic language consist of colors name in Arabic where the second part is consist of Arabic numbers and counting. This lesson is easy to learn Arabic while you can also memorized them easily as compare to our previous lessons of Arabic.

Although this lesson is all about Arabic counting and colors name in Arabic language but we have not put the whole list of colors and numbers. Instead of putting whole list, we have only added those colors and numbers which have been used most in our daily life.

Out learn Arabic language lessons are specially designed for those who are coming to Saudi Arabia for business, studies and work purpose but this lesson is designed for everyone including those who are coming Saudi Arabia for tourist purpose too. Because the learning counting in Arabic will help tourist to deal and bargaining with shopkeepers and also when they are travelling within Saudi Arabia on local transport etc.

As this Arabic lesson is very easy to learn and memorized, so we highly suggest you to not spend more than 1 or 2 days on this lesson and spend rest of time on practice of previous lessons which has some advance Arabic words and also those previous lessons are lengthy.

The best way to learn Arabic language is to practice the words you are learning through our regular Arabic lessons in your daily life.

Colors name in Arabic Language
No English Arabic
1  Colors الألوان
2 Red أحمر
3 Green أخضر
4 Blue أزرق
5 Orange البرتقالي
6 purple أرجواني
7 White أبيض
8 Black أسود
9 yellow اصفر

Counting in Arabic Language
English Arabic
1 واحد
2 اثنان
3 ثلاثة
4 أربعة
5 خمسة
6 ستة
7 سبعة
8 ثمانية
9 تسعة
10 عشرة
50 خمسون
60 ستون
70 سبعون
80 ثمانون
90 تسعون
100 مائة
500 خمس مياه
1000 الف

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