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If you are done with our lesson of “Learn Arabic Online Free Part 1” and learned all the words we have mentioned, then it is time to learn more Arabic words. Our first learn Arabic lesson contain very easy Arabic food vocabulary. This second lesson of learn Arabic contain more advanced words which are necessary to learn to survive in Saudi Arabia specially if you are coming here for Job, business or studies purpose.


Learn Arabic Online Free (Part 2)


This simple and easy lesson of Arabic contains those words which we spoke daily in our life. This lesson is not specific to vocabulary like first lesson but these 60 Arabic words have been collected from different profession. Its includes important items we use in our daily life, the one word sentence to tell the listen that what are you taking about and also we have include the greeting messages which has been spoken in Saudi Arabia on daily bases.

If you are from a Muslim country then I am sure that this is an easy lesson of Arabic for you because most of these Arabic words have been spoken in same way in many languages of Muslim world. If you are learning Arabic from some non-Muslim country then this is still an easy Arabic lesson for you because most of these words are very common and easy to learn.

Although, this Arabic lesson is bit lengthy then part one of learn Arabic series, so make sure to not move to next lesson until you got a good grip on these words because these words of Arabic will help you in upcoming lessons of Arabic.

The easy way to learn Arabic online is to memorize these words, and practice with your friend who known Arabic language. If your work required you to write Arabic, then make sure to practice these words on paper as well.

Learn Arabic Online Free (Part 2)
No English Arabic English Arabic
1 I انا Salam سلام
2 Hosting استضافة Left اليسار/شمال
3 Email بريد الكتروني Right يمين
4 Website موقع found حصل/ وجد
5 Computer حاسب الالي Back وراء
6 Newspaper جريدة lost فقدان
7 Calling نادى/اتصال Good bye مع السلامة
8 Water مياه/مويا Your are welcome عفوا
9 Name اسم Good night تصبح على خير
10 You انت Welcome مرحبا
11 Where وين – فين – اين Good evening مساء الخير
12 Where وين – فين – اين Good evening مساء الخير
13 We نحن Good morning صباح الخير
14 Screen شاشة Straight على طول – سيده
15 Mobile جوال Front قدام*امام/
16 Bag شانطه/حقيبة Excuse me بعد اذنك/لو سمحت
17 Glass زجاج Come with me تعالي
18 File ملف speak كلام
19 paper ورقة Good luck حظا سعيدا
20 bill فاتورة Happy birthday عيد مولد سعيد
21 road طريق Happy new year سنة سعيدة
22 Shop محل / دكان/ بقاله Happy Eid عيد سعيد
23 Mall مول Happy Ramadan رمضان سعيد
24 Stop وقف Congratulations مبروك
25 Police الشرطة Enjoy استمتع
26 Help me ساعدني No Problem مافي مشكلة
27 Sorry آسف/معليش Dont worry لا تقلق/ مافي خوف
28 Wait انتظار/استنه/دقيقة Big كبير
29 books كتاب Sleeping room غرفة نوم
30 Today اليوم Small صغير

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