Top 10 Medical Insurance Companies in Saudi Arabia


The medical treatment in the government hospitals of Saudi Arabia is not free for expats living in Saudi Arabia. This facility is only available to the Saudi nationals. So, it is mandatory for Saudi expats to get a medical insurance policy from a qualified insurance company.



If you are an expat and living in Saudi Arabia along with your family then you must purchase a medical insurance for all of your family member otherwise in the time of need, you could face bigger financial problem because the cost of health treatment in Saudi Arabia is not much affordable if you are working as an average employee there.

Medical Insurance Companies in Saudi Arabia


By purchasing medical insurance for yourself and your family members, you can get rid from any financial crisis which could be happened at the time when one of your family member get admit in government of private hospital of Saudi Arabia. This is why, the Saudi government has set rule for every expat to purchase medical insurance.

The medical insurance companies provide lot of financial support at the time of need. But this support totally depends on the health insurance policy you have purchased and how much you are paying to the insurance company monthly. Usually for workers, their employers purchase their health insurance policy but still, you have to pay for your family member’s health insurance policy in Saudi Arabia.

This insurance policy cover all the hospital and clinics related expenses including cost related to expenses surgery, pregnancy, treatment required in case of accident and much more.

There are hundreds of medical insurance companies in Saudi Arabia but not all of them are qualified to provide their services to the expats. So, make sure to purchase medical insurance policy from a qualified health insurance companies. Following I am sharing the list of top 10 health insurance companies of Saudi Arabia to help you to find out a perfect insurance company for you and your family:

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1 Bupa Arabia
2 Mediterranean & Gulf
4 Tawuniya
5 ACE Arabia Cooperative Insurance Company
6 Al Sagr Cooperative Insurance
7 Total Care Saudi
8 Saudi NEXtCARE
9 Sanad Cooperative Insurance
10 GlobeMed SAUDI

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