Pay Medical Insurance Fee With Visa for Saudi Arabia


The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia has recently revised its policy regarding to medical insurance and visa fee. As per the new rule, its become mandatory for all the travelers who are traveling to Saudi Arabia to pay “health insurance fee”. This fee will be apply on all different types of Saudi Arabia visas which also includes transit visa and family visa etc.


The authorized travel agents of Saudi Arabia like Etimad are already showing the message about the mandatory medical insurance on their website.

Pay Medical Insurance Fee With Visa for Saudi Arabia


So, when you are applying for Saudi Arabia visa, make sure that you know about this new health insurance fee which need to be paid at the time of appointment.

The fee for medical insurance will be cost about SR 950/– which is about $254 per person. This fee needed to be pay through Enjaz Banking system of Saudi Arabia. This rule about mandatory health insurance will be apply from 17th October 2016.

So, if you have already applied for Saudi Arabia visa, then you are exempt from this fee. As per Saudi Embassy, they will not accept any visa application from 17th October 2016 without health insurance certificate.

Although, the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia will not accept any other health insurance except issued by Enjaz Banking System. You can obtain a Council of Cooperative Health Insurance (CCHI) approved Medical Insurance Certificate from the Visa Application Center. You will also pay the required fee at the time of appointment which will be generate at the time when applicant will receive the application.

Make sure to inform about the new mandatory health insurance fee to other people you know who are applying for Saudi Arabia visa or have plan to travel Saudi Arabia in near future by sharing this post.

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