Mom/ Mother in Law Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia 2017


If you are looking for a way to know how to bring your mother or mother in law to Saudi Arabia then you should read the following tutorial which has been sent by one of our reader.


He recently experienced everything and want to share with our SaudiBuzz readers to help them in the process to bring their mother or other in law to Saudi Arabia on visit visa.

Mom/ Mother in Law Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia


Steps by Step Guide for Mother or Mother in Law Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia

Step 1: Documents required:

You need to ask you mother in law or mother (from whom you are applying for visit visa) to send you copy of passport. This could be done through post or they can send you a scanned copy online.

Note : When you apply visa use passport spell name in capital. if spell is different on application and passport is different then its rejected.

Step 2: Your documents required to apply for visit visa:

You also need to attach the copy of your Iqama and passport along with the application you have filled online.

  • Valid Passport
  • Valid Iqama (90+ days)

Step 3: Fill online application at website

To apply for your mother or mother in law’s Saudi Arabia visit visa, you need to fill the application. This can be done online through Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. Make sure that you have filled everything correct as the mistake in application can cause the rejection of your application. Print the application once you fully complete it. apply here > How to Apply for Mother/Mother in Laws Visit Visa Online in Saudi Arabia

Step 4: Sign application from sponsor and Chamber of commerce:

Print out application and request your sponsor or employer to sign your application & stamp by company. Then you need to take the signed application to Chamber of Commerce to sign as well. The Chamber of Commerce will charge 25/SR fee for this and take the copy of your application. Keep this copy one with you which confirm that you have applied for visit visa for your mother or mother in law, also to later you check you application status from this bar code. The status of your application will be changed within 3  to 7 working days if every thing goes well. similar : Attestation Procedure Chamber of Commerce in Saudi Arabia

How to check Visit visa is issued

To check visit visa application, you need to visit MOFA website.

  • Step 1: Open visa section MOFA website
  • Step 2: On this page, you need to enter the required information Like visa number, Iqama number and image code for verification
  • Step 3: Click on Inquire button when you entered the detail which has been asked.

Visit Visa Photo after Application Accepted :

You will get a page like following which will contain the status of your visit visa application, whether your application has been accepted or not. It may take 3 to 7 working days to get this page updated


Step 5: Send visa paper to home country for further processing:

Once your application is approved and show on then print out, you need to send the following documents along with visa paper to your home country. check also : How to Apply Online E Visa Bahrain from Saudi Arabia

These documents includes:

  • Sponsor Iqama copy
  • Sponsor Passport copy (first page and visa page)
  • Visa copy
  • Wife iqama copy (maybe the need)
  • Sponsor Marriage certificate (for Mother in Law visa)
  • Sponsor Birth certificate (for Mother visa)

Step 6: Take online appointment from Etimad center Pakistan for visit visa:

To take online appointment from Etimad center Islamabad, you need to check the available dates through their website. Sometime the dates are not available so you need to keep checking the website because you can get the appointment earlier if someone cancel his appointment.see also : Renew Pakistani Passport Online in 15 Minutes

How to take etimad center appointment Pakistan

Step 7: Visit Etimad center on appointment date and time:

Ask your mother or mother in law to reached the Etimad center at least 2 hours early to attend the interview for further process. she will submit the documents and given a recipient. The officer will ask from your mother or mother in law for the evidence of relation with you. This can be proof with the help of marriage certificate copy in case of mother in law or date of birth certificate if your mother is applying for visit visa. see also : How to Bring Your Mother in Saudi Arabia – Permanent Visa

Step 8: Documents required for Etimad center for visit visa:

Your mother need to take the following documents to Etimad center

  • Visa print copy
  • Sponsor iqama copy
  • Sponsor passport copy (first page and visa page)
  • His own original passport
  • His own original ID Card
  • 2 to 4 Photos (Passport size)
  • Polio vaccination card

You can ask for polio vaccination card at the spot by paying Rs. 1500.

See Also : 

Step 9: Pay Etimad fee and health insurance:

Once the documents has been submitted, Etimad will ask for their fee. This fee is about Rs. 62941. Also as per new law of Saudi Arabia, your mother also need to pay health insurance charged with cost approx Rs. 70,000.

  • Visit Visa Charges – 58500/Rs
  • Health Insurance fees –

check out : New Visa Fees in Saudi Arabia on All Categories

Step 10: Finger prints:

Etimad will take finger print of your Mother or mother in law.check also : How To Renew Pakistani Passport in Jeddah Consulate, Saudi Arabia

Step 11: SMS of confirmation:

Received the SMS with in week for the confirmation of her visa application and it was also stats that her passport has been sent to Saudi Embassy for further process and visa is stamp  and collect passport.

Step 12: Collect passport:

It take 2 to 4 working day to get visa on passport and received the confirmation message to collect her passport on which the Saudi Embassy has issued the visa. collect the passport from Etimad center. helpful : How to Extend Family Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia

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