New Visa Fees in Saudi Arabia on All Categories


Saudi Arabia has recently revised their visa fees on all categories of visa including Hajj and Umrah.


We have updated about the new visa fees in Saudi Arabia but we did not update about the detailed fee of each category of visa like commercial visa, working visa, businessman visa etc because authorities did not published any official statement about the new visa fees in Saudi Arabia.



Types of visas issued in Saudi Arabia and their fee

Recently The authorities in Saudi Arabia has published the complete list of visa categories along with new visa fees which would be paid in Enjaz system in home country at the time of applying for visa for Saudi Arabia. The detail visa fee covered the following categories of visa:

  1. Commercial visit visa
  2. Working visit visa
  3. Business man visit visa
  4. Family visit visa
  5. Escort visa
  6. Personal visit visa
  7. Tourism visit visa
  8. Good delivery visit
  9. Official visits
  10. Diplomatic and special visit visa
  11. Therapy (special and official) visa
  12. Educational or study visa
  13. Government visit visa
  14. Work visit visa
  15. Temporary visit
  16. Seasonal work visit visa
  17. Residential visa
  18. Exit Re-entry visa fee
  19. Scholar and experts visa
  20. Transit visa fee in KSA

Visa fee free visas in Saudi Arabia

The visa fee will not be applied on all types of visa. The following categories of visa in Saudi Arabia are exempt from the visa fee:

  • Scholar and experts
  • Therapy (official only)
  • Government visit
  • Education (official only)
  • Diplomatic and special visit

Saudi Arabia visa fees paid in Saudi Arabia

The fee visa fee in Saudi Arabia will need to be paid on specific types of visas in Saudi Arabia and as per new visa rules these fees will be pain in Saudi Arabia instead of Enjaz. This rule will be applied on the following visas:

  • Temporary work visit visa
  • Work visa
  • Seasonal work visa
  • Resident visa
  • Exit Re Entry visa

Saudi Arabia visa fees paid in Enjaz System

The new visa fee in Saudi Arabia will be applied to the following categories only and this will be paid in Enjaz system (in home country) not in Saudi Arabia. The single visa fee of the following categories are SR 2000:

  • Commercial visit visa
  • Working visit visa
  • Business man visit visa
  • Family visit visa
  • Accompany visit
  • Personal visit
  • Tourism visit visa
  • Good delivery
  • Official visits
  • Therapy special visa

Visa fee in Saudi Arabia

Here is the complete list of new visa fees in Saudi Arabia including information like where this fee need to be paid


image via saudi-expatriates

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