Obhur Beach Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – Enjoy your Weekend with your Family


For the information, Obhur (أبحر) beach is located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It is too famous with the name of Abhor and also Obhur and too Ubhor. It is a sea bay and it is located just about 30 kilometers right north of Jeddah City.


This amazing looking beach is at on the east coast side of the Red Sea and too located at the west of Saudi Arabia.

Obhur Beach Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


As we all know that this beach is one of the main and the primary one sea tourism areas which are located in the city of Jeddah area. This beach is too considered and marked as the number one destination when we talk about the national tourism. see also : Al Saif Beach Jeddah (شاطئ السيف) – Best Public Beach

Location of Obhur beach Jeddah

Right at the South of King Abdullah Economic city, you will find this delightful looking amazing beach. You can have an access to this beach if you will travel from the South of the Durrat Al Arus resort. If you will also move from the south of Salman Bay and too Al Bohirat resort, then you can access this Obhur beach. check out : Thuwal Beach (شاطئ ثول) – Best Public Beach in Jeddah

It is an interesting information for all of you at that right at this Obhur beach, the Prince named as Waleed Bin Talal has himself made tallest building in this world will be constructed near to this Obhur beach. This tallest building will be given the name of Kingdom Tower.

Interesting fact about Obhur

One of the most fascinating and interesting facts about Obhur is that it is becoming one of the emerging destinations for the people when it comes to the living in Jeddah. We have seen that both of the local generation and also local business people are considering Obhur as their residing area. Obhu beach allowed women to swim in bikini as well.see also : Al Murjan Beach & Resort Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Why should you visit Obhur beach Jeddah?

You should nor miss out checking out this place Obhur beach Jeddah because it is all fully and wholly packed with the recreational activities of scuba diving and also sunbathing. You will enjoy and amazed by the sunset scenes of this beach. Enjoy looking at its corals and do not wait for any time to visit this beach because without a doubt this beach is a wonderful place and beach to dive in!

Just near to this “Obhur beach Jeddah”, you will come across this Sheraton read beach resort. If you really want to relax this resort.

This resort comes with this scuba services and also delicious food. This Sheraton Red Sea Resort which is near to this Obhur beach Jeddah will give you the best treat for your weekends and parties. check also : Reem Riviera Beach Resort – Beach in Jeddah for Foreigners

Obhur beach Jeddah Is An open Beach

We are quite sure that you must not have heard about the beaches in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia but you will be much surprised to know that this desert country is fully covered with so many amazing looking resorts. You can try their Yanbu resort as well. It is a private beach and how can we forget this Obhur beach. For the information, it is an open beach. People from all sorts of age groups and genders can be the part of this stunning looking beach. check also : Durrah Beach Resort Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Obhur beach Jeddah is loved by almost all people of all age categories. People really love to dive into this beach all the time. Just near to this place, you will come across many luxurious looking resorts and spas. So after craving your thirst for this beach, you can also check out these reports and spas. similar : Coral Beach Jeddah – Best Saudi Arabia Beach Resorts

Visit this open beach. It is fully and jam packed with many of the services and recreational activities. Take your kids out on this beach, take your old parents out this beach so that they can feel that fresh breadth of air too.

Obhur beach Jeddah- Spot Of National Tourism

Obhur beach Jeddah is a beach that comes national tourism appeal. It is one of the most visited site by the tourists. Not only the people of Jeddah but people from other cities of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and tourist from other countries make special plans to visit this beach that captures and captivate so much beauty and charm in it. matching : Silver Sands Beach Jeddah – Everything You Need to Know

Visit This Obhur Beach Jeddah

If you are a resident of Jeddah or if you are planning to make a trip to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia then this Obhur beach which is located in Jeddah should be visited by you. You will love the environment and ambiance of this beach. Take your family out on this beach and love the aroma of this perfect and most delightful looking beach. see also : Best Private Beach & Resorts in Jeddah for Expats

It is the time to have a beach time with your family. Go out with your friends and get to explore and discover that this Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is inducted with so many and large in number of beaches and resorts as well. Though it is a desert country but when it comes to the resorts and beaches, you will see immense beauty in this place.

Visit this Obhur beach in Jeddah and share your amazing and worth remembering experiences with us. More of the details about other beaches in Jeddah will be shared with you. Stay tuned and connected with us.

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